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Thread: New USB keyboard adapter - Sum (Catfish) USB adapter

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    Sure, the main issue is the extra hassle, shipping-cost + potential for shipping damage and if it gets lost in transit. I would hate to do this only to discover that there was an option to use the keyboard MPU on U13 instead in the near future. I am probably too optimistic though, and there might be good reasons why the CIA chip is used instead of U13 wrt. having a functional reset and allowing both the internal kbd and the external one to be used at the same time, etc.

    But I guess I should not be the only one on here who is in this situation, as the premium recap service is somewhat popular.

    The only USB-adapters I know of are the ones from and another vendor (also based in Poland). I've contacted them so hopefully I'll know for certain if this is an option or not. Otherwise might have to bite the bullet, as it were..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drag0nFly View Post
    @BLTCON0; Thanks for the tip - I leave it as a last-resort. I spent a fortune on the board (three times its worth), so I would not dare to try even the most basic soldering on it. (The most I've done is to desolder a battery on my A-501)
    Well, another option would be not to solder the wire tips on the CIA pins but squeeze them (after extensively flattening them) betweem the corresponding CIA pins and their PLCC socket counterparts. But I've never used this trick to provide any input on how easy/foolproof it is or how firm and secure the end result is.

    I guess I was hoping that there would be a successor to the Lyra (which was PS/2 only) that offered USB. Naturally, I can check how much desoldering and resoldering will actually cost, but like to avoid it if at all possible...

    The only advantage of the MPU chip is it also provides the pins for the row/columns of the keyboard matrix.
    So, if a PS/2 or USB keyboard adapter simply regenerates the row/column events in an Amiga-compliant way, then if must necessarily either clip onto the MPU or plug into the keyboard connector (where all the row/column signals are also found, of course). Then the MPU will do its job and re-convert the row/column events into an Amiga-specific data stream, which is then fed into the CIA chip via the clock and data lines (and eventually the CPU reads the keycodes off the CIA's registers).

    If, on the other hand, the adapter directly produces an Amiga-compliant data stream, then it can be clipped-on either on the MPU (which is now simply used as a carrier to pass through the clock and data lines) or on the CIA - the CIA placement has the advantage it doesn't interfere with the IDE cradle or maybe a scandoubler on top of LISA.

    Now, I understand the MPU chip has been left soldered on your motherboard, without a PLCC socket, so all I said about wiring the clock and data lines directly onto the socketed CIA (or suitable vias) can be done all the same on the clock and data lines of the MPU chip. That's far safer and easier as the lack of a socket provides ample room to solder on the pins
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