Finally! Got the v.6 working correctly. They are EXTREMELY picky about termination. Amiga 2000 with A2091, passive terminating resistor packs on the card desoldered, active terminator on the DB 25 external connector, 6.13 guru rom on board, all partitions firing on all cylinders. I have 4 SCSI devices, each set a 3 GB, and each partitioned into two equal parts (about 1.5 GB). NO errors, and that is with the SCSI 2 and cache toggle set active. I am getting consistent 2.4 MB/sec on my A2000 with stock CPU!

I have a SupraTurbo28 and GVP A2000-HC+8 on the way due to arrive next week. Curious to see if they play well or help with the speed.

This thing rocks!


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Oops, forgot to mention I went from 1.85 MB/sec to the 2.4 just by applying the 14 MHz hack. I actually applied the hack right after getting everything stable a 1.85 and it did not upset the setup. Woot!