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Thread: ACA 1221ec question, and thanks :)

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    I've recently bought an ACA1221ec

    The "aca1221ecFlash ?" command gives me the following options:-

    aca1221ecFlash VBRMOVE/S Used to cache the ROM - as far as im aware it wont let you select a different ROM, can someone correct me if im wrong. Anyone know what the /S means?

    aca1221ecFlash NOPCMCIAPATCH/S No PCMCIA Patch - Not sure why this is needed as this card isnt supposed to effect the PCMCIA slot! Again does anyone know what the /S means?

    aca1221ecFlash CPUSPEED/K/N Sets CPU speed somewhere near the number you enter. I entered 28 and received 31.60, Does anyone know what the /K/N options mean?

    aca1221ecFlash FORCE/S No Idea what this is for, can anyone shed some light?

    Whilst the cards is a well made piece of kit, i cant say the documentation is bad because there really isn't any! other than a leaflet which points you to a website where half of the software doesn't work (yet!). The only Documentation found for the software that does partially work is aca1221ecFlash. the help for which is to run the command with a ? which is all you get.

    So half the advertised features either don't work or aren't documented.

    - Id like to map a newer ROM as opposed to just caching the current ROM.

    - Id like to be able to use the RAM Drive that has RAM reserved for it. If this feature isn't going to work they can we remap the RAM to be used by the system? I only seem to be using 8 mb of the 16 on the card.

    Whilst this card has made a major difference to my system, i cant help but feel that I've only received half of the features its supposed to have.

    Its also worth pointing out as i haven't read it anywhere else that the The "aca1221ecFlash ?" command only works whilst the the jumper is in modify/safe mode. when in operational mode it doesn't do anything.

    After playing with the CPUSPEED command i have found the following:-

    Command Value Speed Achieved Comment
    CPUSPEED 17 17 18.xxMhz Safe Mode
    CPUSPEED 22 22 23.20Mhz What i'm Using
    CPUSPEED 28 28 31.60Mhz Need a heatsink for this and haven't tried any higher

    All values used between 17 and 28 apart from the above seem to fall back to 17. So to stay within warranty im left with default 18Mhz or 23.20Mhz, CPU is quite hot to touch at all speeds.


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    The switches are standard Amiga DOS notation for how to use each switch. They are documented here:

    Basically /S means it is a switch, /K means a keyword is required as an argument and /N means that the keyword has to be a number.
    So you could write something like 'aca1221ecflash vbrmove cpuspeed 28 nopcmciapatch'.
    The PCMCIA patch is just a fix for a problem that always existed in the A1200, and it has nothing to do with the accelerator. This feature is also found in ACAtune, however here you have to set a switch to enable the fix. You need this switch if you use something like network adapters in the PCMCIA bus. The error is that the PCMCIA port is not reset together with the machine so it can cause the peripheral to 'hang' after a reset.

    In regards to not getting 16MB fastmem, the CPU on the board is an EC version which means it only has a 24 bit address bus. This means it can only address 16MB memory in total and this includes the chipmem, the custom registers, the kickstart etc., so you will not get much more than 9MB extra which is what you get. If one were to fill out all the small spaces in the memory with fast mem, you could get up to around 11MB which is what you see in the ACA620 for example. But those last MBs are not as useful since the blocks are small and memory-hungry programs tend to like big contigous blocks.
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