AT128 is a PC AT or PS/2 keyboard to Commodore 128D/DCR* adapter.
Compatible with any speed of keyboard with scan mode 2 as default**. (DIN type can be used with regular DIN->PS/2 adapters)
*C128DCRs require a wire to be installed for this adapter to work (+5V from C71 to pin4 of the keyboard connector) -- also the adapter may not stay flat but bends up a bit to have space for the PS/2 connector on desk but should connect without problem
**keyboards with excessive pull-down resistors (rare) may not work but the adapter can be modified to handle them (i can help if needed)

Disclaimer: Yes, I'm aware the presence of the C=Key adapter, but this project does not use any design or code from that. It's built entirely from scratch.

Price: 30€
Shipping: 7€ world wide flat rate

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