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Thread: Amiga CDTV gotek base for 3D printing (also for A500/600/1200)

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    Hi crazy Bob , please keep us posted on the progresss of this. I would really like a gotek set for my cdtv.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyBob View Post
    Hello, yes absolutely!

    I haven't been able to work much on this for the last month, other priorities and also I had to completely rebuild my 3D printer... new bearings, head, belts, fans, clips, heaters, changes in electronic, etc....

    Drive has been fitted and everything is connected.
    'm currently working on making the drive image selector controlable via the CDTV IR remote.
    I.e.: rewind = previous disk, fastforward = next disk.

    Before the end of this week I know if everything works as expected.

    I also made a decision on the buttons and unfortunatly I won't continue with building these.
    The fitting was quite OK (as far as I could test it, the original buttons on my CDTV are in the way), but the material fails on flexability.
    They tend to break after just a couple of presses, not something I can fix easily. Especially because I can't test it properly.

    Having said that, the Gotek drive fits nicely and I will reply to those who expressed interest in this thread soon.
    Note: If you can't wait for a little bit longer; I've seen an other AmiBay user printing these and selling them here on Amibay:

    Next update is coming soon
    Im looking a a Infra red CDTV mouse and CDTV External Hard Drive and Amiga x1000 case or even full unit. Please contact me.
    Most of my sale items here in the messages section of my profile:

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    Hi limboy777, some progress has been made:
    - The modification to the CDTV motherboard to enable an internal diskdrive works
    - I've used an Arduino Pro mini to control the disk select part via the CDTV remote control this also works
    Down+A+B = disk select mode, then disks can be changed by using the volume Up / Down buttons
    I will share the Arduino source soon, needs cleaning up and I need to improve the normal IR signal for the CDTV.

    I've recently rebuild my 3D printer and it still needs some fine-tuning.
    As a test I will print several CDTV Gotek 3D fronts upcoming weekend and will inform you (and others) when they are ready and the quality is OK.

    So if you want to continue with the mod, the electrical part is now confirmed working
    Note: more pictures will follow soon
    Commodore A600HD/40

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