This is already sovled, I just wanted the information out there for people who try to find a solution to their problem.

If you like me have a Prometheus PCI board thats acts abit weird, maby you get package loss when you are using your PCI ethernet card of you get random lockups.
The solution can be very simpel.
The Molex connector cord you get in the package with your Prometheus is not the greatest of quality, the black +5 volt cord on my molex where even producing quite a bit of heat.
And you all know that heat = bad connection or you are puting to much load on it. The load would probably not be an issue so i guesd bad connection.

So i found an old molex extension cord and cut of the sata connector in the other end. I took the stock cord and removed the original connector that goes to the PCB of the Prometheus.
The smal metal pices that sits on the end of the cord that goes into the plastic conncetor where not solderd and when i pulled the cord they just fell out of the metal connector.

So i solderd the new molex and wires to the old metal pices and put them back into the original connector that goes onto the PCB of the Prometheus and now everything just works
The cables are nice and cool and i have 0 package loss