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Thread: PC Engine Duo-RX w/ Turbo Everdrive & 2 Arcade CD Games

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    Default PC Engine Duo-RX w/ Turbo Everdrive & 2 Arcade CD Games

    For sale is an RGB & Hu-Card region modded PC Engine Duo-RX. Comes with
    - Original 100v PSU (stepdown needed or Mega Drive 2 PSU should work also)
    - RGB cable
    - Turbo Everdrive v1.1
    - Arcade Duo system card
    - Art of Fighting Arcade CD-ROM
    - Fatal Fury 2 Arcade CD-ROM

    Controller not included.

    Bought from this seller a few years ago who refurbishes old consoles with new caps and CD lenses:

    The CD lens is basically brand new, very rarely used since it was replaced but the voltages on the pots need adjusting as it sometimes doesn't read certain CD's properly. Once they're adjusted it'll work perfectly. There are guides on the internet on how to set them properly. An example can be found in this link.

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