So I made a thread about this at Vintage Computer Forums and a few there suggested bringing the discussion here. They mentioned some members here who have been involved in other ISA based sound card clones that might be interested in a challenge or just have some insight.

Basically anyone who has wanted to do any kind of DOS gaming on an IBM PS/2 line system knows the one thing that you will run into is a lack of sound cards. This is mostly due to rarity and the obscurity of the MCA bus. While there are some official cards, they're rare and expensive. However some of these cards appear to be just quick conversions of existing ISA cards, and use either well documented off the shelf parts, or discrete logic that might be able to be reverse engineered.

However, I have very little if any electrical engineering knowledge or experience. If I had it I'd be diving in head first to try and figure it out myself. So I wanted to discuss the idea of researching existing cards and seeing if it might be possible to create clones of some of these cards. If there's interest and things look promising, perhaps it can go further into actual prototyping and making new cards if those with experience and expertise feel up to it.

From the other topics, the following cards look to be the most promising:

The Adlib MCA card:

The SoundBlaster 2 MVC CT5320:

These use off the shelf MCA controller chips, specifically the CHIPS P82C11/P82C12. This chip is still able to be purchased as new old stock and has a datasheet available here:

After that, they seem to use the same parts as their ISA counterparts. The SoundBlaster 2 Pro CT5330 might be doable too, but it appears to use a proprietary Creative chip that I haven't been able to identify and I'd guess is used for handling the MCA bus operations, since it lacks the P82C12 the other SoundBlaster has.

Next would probably be the Roland MPU-IMC:

This chip instead of using an MCA controller chip, supposedly uses discrete logic to communicate with the bus. Beyond that it appears to use close to if not the same chips as it's ISA counterpart, the MPU-ITC-T.

While there are other sound cards that could be viable like the SoundPiper and the ChipChat card, those appear to use FPGAs to handle the MCA bus operations, and that would probably require a bit more work to figure out.

From the images above you've probably also noticed another issue here. There's very few if any good quality pictures of these cards from all sides to give a clear picture of what is being connected to what. So if anyone here has any of those cards, high resolution pictures of the would be appreciated. I'd imagine if we had good pictures of the front and back sides of the cards it would be easier to start figuring out what makes these cards work.

So if anyone here is interested in this, feel free to reply and start the discussion in this thread. For those interested the original thread at Vintage Computer Forums can be found here:

Documentation on the MCA bus can be found here: