Hi, Just finalized my commodore amiga 500 with an internal indivision ecs scan doubler. When using this, a modification of the top shield is required. As a purist, I developped a small adapter pcb to avoid this cutting or destroying the top cover. See pictures below. As I bought 5 pieces of this pcb, I have 4 pieces left. You will have to buy the parts to solder. The smart guys can ask for a free sample on the samtec website. 😁 if you want the right partnumber on the samtec website, drop me a note. Pretty easy to solder as all is through hole. First solder the samtec, cut the plastic bridges and then solder the indivision ecs. As an alternative to samtec you could you aliexpress alternatives but then be patient 😁 Asking 9 euros per pcb. Postage should be real cheap.

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