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Thread: Microcom Deskporte S serial modem

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    Default Microcom Deskporte S serial modem

    I got this when I bought a job lot of old computer stuff. I was very happy to find a different modem identical to the one I had as a kid, for my retro rig.

    This Microcom Deskporte S modem however has no nostalgic value to me. If anybody wants it, you can have it for €5 for trouble, plus you'll have to pay for shipping. PayPal gift will work. It is in very good condition apart from the tanning. I have no means of testing it; I'm using my own modem as a Raspberry Pi housing. There is no power supply.

    I don't know how much shipping would be to different countries, I'll look it up if somebody is interested, but it will probably be somewhat expensive because that's how the swedish post office rolls.
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