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Thread: 68030 TK - Another accelerator card for Amiga A500/A1000/A2000 designed by Matze (aka Matthias Heinrichs)

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    Default 68030 TK - Another accelerator card for Amiga A500/A1000/A2000 designed by Matze (aka Matthias Heinrichs)

    Ladies and gents,
    68030TK +64MB Turbocards are available, feel free to get
    a fastest 030 Accelerator designed and built in Germany NOW!

    UPDATE 26.07.2020
    we are glad to report that testing and adjusting phase of the 64MB expansion is over,
    we can ship You a well known 68030TK accelerator card designed by Matthias Heinrichs (aka Matze, Germany) now!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    some of You already got this accelerator card with 4MB expansion, they can proove this is the fastest Accelerator in it's class available atm,
    Now we are back with 64MB version of it, and we are happy to report that this card is working on A500, A1000 and of course on A2000 too!
    Even more, it was designed as a part of expanded system, where RTG, Flicker Fixer, SCSI Devices, and other Expansions are united in one system!

    Of course it's still a hobby rather than a commercial product, so everyone with soldering skills is welcome to build these,
    Sources are available at:
    (Free for non commercial reproduction!)

    There are some Zorro bus related issues on rev.4.x A2000 machines,
    this is rather rev.4.x and not accelerator related, hence accelerator will probably not work in CPU Slot

    As always, there are some important things You need to check before installing a new card:
    Most important thing here is PSU - it need to be in good shape (recapped)
    heavy 2,5A (A500) PSU version will probably be too weak and doesn't work
    do voltage mesurement (while system is on) on CPU socket, should be not less than 4,8V!

    CPU socket need to be clean and should make good connection to the board
    in some cases additional power & GND cables are necessary to be connected to the ram board
    Also Your Amiga need to be in good shape (recapped) - most caps are dry 35 Years after production date
    two big Caps near PSU Socket are most important!
    Also boards need a 3D Printed cover on the connector that acts like a shield
    (also piece of foil wrapped in a paper can do the trick)

    Options available:
    1) 68030TK + 64MB (card only, NO CPU) 155 Eur
    2) 68030TK + 64MB (card only, EC type CPU) 175 Eur
    3) 68030TK + 64MB, A500 / A1000 Set (EC type CPU) Relocator, CF Card adapter, Flat ribbon extension 190 Eur
    4) 68030TK + 64MB A2000 Set (EC type CPU) CPU Slot Card, CF Card adapter, Flat ribbon extension210 Eur

    from 4 to 64MB:
    Unfortunately TK needs some resitors to be changed and Firmware (Lattice cpld) need also be reprogrammed
    Once this is done - You are ready to use TK card with 64MB RAM board - 70Ä
    See correct resistor values here:
    You can also send Your 68030TK card to me,
    will gladly swap resistors and reprogram and do a full test

    Please send PayPal payments as "friends & family" or add 4% PayPal fee.

    Due to the cost of this expansion, shipping it tracked and insured only
    Shipping in Germany is 4,99Ä
    Other Countries 25Ä

    Also offered for sale elsewhere.

    Will this card work on the A500 and /or A500+?
    Sure, works fine, however a relocator board is needed to fit keyboard in place

    Q: Will this card work on the A1000?
    A: Yes, it does, however
    default A1000 roms can't work on 68030 CPU,
    because of that
    kickstart adapter is needed.
    WARNING! Installation reguires some soldering!!!

    Q: Will this card work on the A2000?
    A: Sure, it was tested on rev.6.x and is fully functional! FAIR WARNING: may or may not work in CPU Slot on rev.4.x, runs nice in 68k socket though
    Q: Will this card work on CDTV?
    A: No, this card will not fit inside an unmodded CDTV, sorry

    Q: Is the relocator necessary to use this card?
    A: Yes, it's really necessary to be able to close standard A500 case,
    to relocate accelerator to right position and add KS ROM on A1000
    and to be able to install it in CPU Slot on A2000.

    Q: What IDE device can I use?
    A: You can use CF Cards and real HDD Drives of course

    Q: Do i need to buy a CPU with MMU?
    A: No, this isn't necessary since this accelerator has it's own boot rom - IDE Speed is very fast.

    Q: Will this Accelerator work with KS 1.3?
    A: No, this Accelerator has 64MB ZorroIII FastRAM,
    KS 1.3 can't handle this amount of RAM,
    You need KS 3.1 or 3.1.4

    Q: Can i upgrade my existing 4MB to 64MB RAM card by swapping out ram chips?
    A: No, this isn't possible 64MB RAM card is totally different .

    Q: Will this card work on Atari STx?
    A: Nope, this card was designed to be used in Amiga computers, however source code is well documented,
    feel free to write Atari Firmware for it!

    JanHolbo - TK+64MB - PM Sent
    Haxxy - TK+64MB - Paid
    - Upgrade - PM Sent
    chatopirulo - 2x TK+64MB Sets A500+A2000
    hlide - Upgrade
    bandan - 64MB
    rmzalbar - Upgrade
    Vypr - Upgrade
    dallyis - Upgrade
    Hal - Upgrade
    PrzemasIII - Upgrade
    knightstone - Upgrade
    klacko - TK+64MB
    Ollis - TK+64MB
    ori1a - Upgrade
    zJark - TK+64MB
    upsnowman - TK+64MB + 64MB RAM
    dallyis - Upgrade
    QuietBear - 68030TK+64MB A500 Set
    Warty - Upgrade
    CapnChaos - 68030TK+64MB
    keiko - 68030TK+64MB
    Drewlio77 - 68030TK+64MB
    tbkr - 68030TK+64MB

    with best Regards,
    - 8 Bit Dreams -
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