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  • jonni's Avatar
    5th February 2021, 12:51
    jonni started a thread For Sale Amiga 500 RGB to HDMI V2 adapter in Amiga
    For all Amiga versions that have a socketed DIP Denise chip, a rather small adapter board can be used to extract the digital video signal (12 bit) to...
    76 replies | 2335 view(s)
  • Bmt_HR's Avatar
    1st February 2021, 13:58
    Bmt_HR started a thread For Sale Amiga 500 RGB to HDMI V2 adapter in Amiga
    Hi, I have for sale new and tested RGB to HDMI V2 adapter. For completing HDMI output you need Raspberry Pi Zero and mini HDMI to HDMI cable which...
    37 replies | 1335 view(s)
  • pvanb's Avatar
    1st February 2021, 07:19
    Phase 5 Cyberstorm MKII 060 @ 50mhz with 72 meg ram I have recently tested and it is working great, with 72 meg ram, has cooling fan as well....
    29 replies | 1973 view(s)
  • highpuff's Avatar
    15th February 2021, 09:02
    highpuff started a thread For Sale RGBtoHDMI adapter for A500/500+ in Amiga
    Add pixel-perfect HDMI output to the Amiga machines. For all Amiga versions that have a socketed DIP Denise chip and the required physical space...
    31 replies | 992 view(s)
  • eduardocasino's Avatar
    30th January 2021, 23:55
    eduardocasino started a thread For Sale Pi1541 with unique design in Commodore
    I have a few pre-assembled Pi1541 hats with a very nice design by Tor-Eirik Bakke Lunde for sale. Instead of a case, it makes use of three PCBs (the...
    25 replies | 905 view(s)
  • highpuff's Avatar
    4th February 2021, 13:42
    highpuff started a thread Sold BigRamPlus x2 & X-Surf 100 in Amiga
    Found some more spare cards in my Amiga collection that I do not use. They are tested and confirmed working and in very good condition. 2x...
    23 replies | 901 view(s)
  • Junior's Avatar
    30th January 2021, 12:47
    Commodore Amiga CDTV + Controller , Caddy and some Sofftware titles . Serial adapter installed for use din 9 pin mouse / Joystick . Asking ...
    22 replies | 796 view(s)
  • levo-ace's Avatar
    21st February 2021, 00:38
    levo-ace started a thread Sold 2x A500+ in Amiga
    It is time for some more of my collection to go out into the world! Both have 1MB chip ram ( factory fitted ) , Rev 8A motherboards and battery...
    18 replies | 748 view(s)
  • AlessandroBilbao's Avatar
    7th February 2021, 15:16
    No introduction needed, legendary card in perfect condition complete with everything as shown in photos. A beautiful piece of hardware but at the...
    12 replies | 823 view(s)
  • tbtorro's Avatar
    3rd February 2021, 20:06
    tbtorro started a thread For Sale New A4000T motherboard PCBs in Amiga
    I have a small batch of A4000T PCB sets for those who might missed the pre-order last year here: ...
    14 replies | 917 view(s)
  • levo-ace's Avatar
    10th February 2021, 02:05
    levo-ace started a thread Wanted 060 accelerator without cpu in Amiga
    I have a ceramic 060 processor that i have had since the 90's , just have not found anything 'cheap' to put it in , and now the tf1260 is no longer...
    18 replies | 522 view(s)
  • rrodic's Avatar
    8th February 2021, 00:23
    rrodic started a thread Sold Amiga 500+ FPGA system - A586 in Amiga
    SOLD to pomberman This is Spartan 6 board designed to be Amiga 500+ replacement. Performance is about the same (slightly faster) as A500+ ECS. ...
    11 replies | 656 view(s)
  • FastRobPlus's Avatar
    31st January 2021, 06:36
    FastRobPlus started a thread Sold Atari 1010 Tape Drive in Atari
    Atari 1010 Tape Drive - with power adapter. In working condition. $15 plus shipping from the West Coast USA
    13 replies | 526 view(s)
  • Delitracker's Avatar
    7th February 2021, 18:37
    Delitracker started a thread For Sale Amiga A3000D in Amiga
    hello for Sale Amiga A3000D rev 6.3 daughter board REV 5 68030/25mhz MMU/FPU Fast RAM 4mb SCSI HDD Seagate ST15150N 4.3g kickstart...
    9 replies | 970 view(s)
  • Junior's Avatar
    1st February 2021, 19:32
    Amiga 500 Chicken Lips Rev.5 , space invaders keyboard, Unit only Early Amiga 500 Chicken Lips (embossed logo), Rock Lobster B52 Mainboard ....
    13 replies | 362 view(s)
  • Corb_80's Avatar
    17th February 2021, 20:31
    Complete with keyboard, mouse, manuals, install-disks, but NO PSU! Mobo Rev. 9.03, DB rev.7.01 25Mhz version 2MB chip Original SCSI HD 50MB (no...
    10 replies | 456 view(s)
  • helcost's Avatar
    13th February 2021, 16:21
    helcost started a thread Sold Amiga 1200 in Amiga
    Works great. * Recently recapped * timing fix applied * rf output removed ready for an Indivision Card + VGA socket for example * PCMCIA socket...
    8 replies | 933 view(s)
  • turboknekten's Avatar
    7th February 2021, 11:44
    For sale some cards that I dont use anymore. I used the Killer NIC K1 card in an A4000 together with Mediator until I bought an CyberstormPPC...
    13 replies | 329 view(s)
  • Justin's Avatar
    20th February 2021, 19:29
    Hi all, It is with a heavy heart that I am making this post. John's wife Aimee is moving house and needs to clear some space so is trying to...
    11 replies | 598 view(s)
  • Sardine's Avatar
    26th January 2021, 14:52
    looking to swap . motherboard J-426B with 256kb cache , 32MB ram and Amd...
    12 replies | 467 view(s)
  • sousourn1823's Avatar
    2nd February 2021, 19:03
    sousourn1823 started a thread For Sale Amiga Coin op Games in Amiga
    Im selling part of my Amiga collection , all games are complete and tested. I'll combine shipping costs if you buy more than 1 game. Payment by...
    13 replies | 550 view(s)
  • bkodenkt's Avatar
    11th February 2021, 11:53
    I am selling key caps for the A500 keyboard. Springs and pusher stamps included. All caps have been cleaned in the dish washer and look very good...
    13 replies | 355 view(s)
  • tbtorro's Avatar
    11th February 2021, 23:57
    Selling 3 x defective WarpEngine 4040 with XC68040RX40 CPU installed. I've bought these at this thread as an impulse buy few weeks ago. I was...
    8 replies | 481 view(s)
  • masteries's Avatar
    22nd February 2021, 16:22
    A new bootable low cost Hard Disk interface compatible with Atari ST family computers, firmware is refined compared to original one; and tested on...
    8 replies | 242 view(s)
  • miggymad's Avatar
    10th February 2021, 22:02
    SOLD Original Amiga A1200 Case. All screws included. Also has replacement honeycomb trapdoor and VGA rear access panel. Also comes with...
    10 replies | 523 view(s)
  • DragonRider's Avatar
    12th February 2021, 05:28
    DragonRider started a thread For Sale Amiga cases in Amiga
    For Sale two Amiga cases. The first is an Amiga 1200 case with internal top and bottom shields (shields has some rusting), insulating layer and case...
    6 replies | 742 view(s)
  • Mrodfr's Avatar
    10th February 2021, 07:15
    Mrodfr started a thread For Sale DCE Blizzard 1260 + Box + Manual in Amiga
    For sale : - DCE Blizzard 1260 number 4599. - 68060RC60, running at 50 mhz. - Original manual and floppy. - Original box with original...
    7 replies | 633 view(s)
  • fabbie54's Avatar
    6th February 2021, 11:03
    I bought two of these back in 2017, as I was thinking of getting a second 1200 but I actually didn't. This is still sealed. I'd like 15 Euros + P&P...
    9 replies | 399 view(s)
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