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  1. Closed Lots of BBC & AcornRISC software and Manuals
  2. Sold Ultimate BBC Games
  3. Closed Acornsoft Electron Games - boxed
  4. Closed BBC Stuff - guidance on interest
  5. Sold Acorn Coverdiscs - Acorn User - Arc World etc..
  6. Closed Free! Two Acorn Electron books
  7. Closed BBC Software
  8. Closed Acorn BASIC Editor ROM for the BBC Micro
  9. Closed Boxed Acorn Electron Game Elite
  10. Sold Acorn Electron - Intro cassette & Chuckie Egg
  11. Closed Electron games/software on tape
  12. Closed 3 Acorn Electron ROM cartridges
  13. Sold Beeb Software - ULTIMATE's classic JETPAC in a nice presentation box
  14. Sold BBC Disk-based Software
  15. Sold Electron/BBC Tape-based Software and related cassettes
  16. Closed x3 ACORN ELECTRON ROMS and boxes and manuals incl LOGO & VIEW
  17. Closed Robico Adventures for the BBC