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  3. ISP provided e-mail addresses
  4. Use of the name AmiBay name / logo & linking to the site
  5. User Rated Postal Services
  6. Location, Location, Location
  7. What's My Retro Item Worth? Important Information inside....
  8. PayPal "Gift" Payments....MUST BE READ....
  9. Offers made by Private Messaging
  10. Internet Explorer 8 and AmiBay
  11. Expressing Interest Within Threads
  12. Member Name Change Thread
  13. Amibay VIP membership group created
  14. Please check your email address is up to date
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  16. Mobile/Retro lightweight Amibay style
  17. Abuse / Flaming / trolling in threads - please read
  18. Prices must now be left in completed transaction threads.
  19. Announcing New Accounts: Commercial Vendors & Private Traders
  20. New VIP members
  21. Donations system launched
  22. New Amibay VIPs
  23. Traffic Shaping added to the site today
  24. Vulturing In 'For Sale' Threads
  25. Important updates to the site rules.
  26. New areas and features of Amibay
  27. What goes on behind the scenes at AmiBay? A story for you.
  28. User Snowfreak
  29. Member, Zaxon
  30. New Site Admins
  31. New Site Moderators
  32. AppleIIFan
  33. User StrontiumDog
  34. A warning to AmiBay members about gift payments and parcel tracking
  35. Maintenance scheduled for this afternoon
  36. Multiple/Duplicate Accounts
  37. Welcome to our newest Moderator - Sardine
  38. The Hall of Electric Dreams
  39. Major Changes to Traders on Amibay.
  40. Play Blackpool 3/4th May 2014 : Dates of Awesome!
  41. Another Fraudster gets caught, with help from AmiBay
  42. Article: Welcome to Amibay
  43. New Administrator - Davideo
  44. A new section of the site - Group Buys
  45. Please think about donating towards AmiBay...
  46. The Retr0brght Wiki is being transferred to AmiBay...
  47. Amibay will be offline on the 16.02.2015 for scheduled server work
  48. New Staff Moderators join the team
  49. Please update Internet Explorer
  50. Site down
  51. Site downtime in next 24 hours - routine server maintenance
  52. The future of Amibay
  53. Site downtime for maintenance
  54. Amibay Cookie Policies
  55. Proof of ownership when selling items
  56. Requesting account help
  57. Welcome back Merlin!
  58. Paying by Paypal as Friends and Family to Avoid Fees - A Reminder and a Warning...
  59. Site Security has been increased
  60. Feedback system problems
  61. AmiBay needs a new host - suggestions welcome - RESOLVED
  62. AmiBay needs your help to assist with the Forum moderation