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  1. Closed List Enhanced DOS utility, * registered * version by Buerg Software
  2. Found Command & Conquer for PS1 and Sega Saturn
  3. Closed King's Filed II and Shadow Tower PS1 games
  4. Closed King's Field IV , Eternal Ring and Evergrace PS2 games
  5. Closed Alone In The Dark II manual from PC floppy disk edition
  6. Closed Raiden IV + Raiden Fighters Aces
  7. Closed Wii Sports
  8. Closed Diamond Edge3D or other NV1 based card
  9. Found PC rpg's
  10. Closed Metal Gear Solid PAL
  11. Closed Battlefield 3 for xbox 360
  12. Closed Star Wars the Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition Game PC plus Unleashed 2
  13. Closed Sonic titles and Sega CD games and Sega 32x games
  14. Closed Metal Slug 2nd Mission for Neo Geo Pocket
  15. Closed Bioshock 2 PC
  16. Closed Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (Gamecube) (PAL)
  17. Closed Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for PS3 (UK/PAL)
  18. Closed Skylanders
  19. Closed SNES Winter Gold (PAL)
  20. Found 486 DRX2 50 Cache Software Disk
  21. Closed Resident Evil 4 NTSC and GC Freeloader
  22. Closed Windows xp
  23. Closed Metroid prime trilogy and resident evil 4 wii ed.
  24. Closed MegaDrive Game - Quackshot
  25. Found Battlefield 2 CDKEY
  26. Closed Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 1+2 PC
  27. Closed Gargoyles Quest (gameboy) & Gargoyle's Quest 2 (NES)
  28. Closed PS2 Vice City NTSC USA game
  29. Closed Cheap Neo Geo AES Game
  30. Closed Super Mario Galaxy 1 + 2
  31. Closed Gridrunner++ PC standard edition
  32. Closed Posted in wrong forum. Please delete!
  33. Closed Bioshock Collectors Edition Xbox 360 (with Big Daddy)
  34. Closed SIMM72 2x32MB oar 4x16MB ECC (parity)
  35. Closed skylanders starter pack for wii
  36. Closed System Shock enhanced CD version for PC
  37. Closed Complete Retro Titles (Please)
  38. Closed Strider ii for sega mega drive pal
  39. Closed Flight Unlimited (Compaq bundled version)
  40. Closed Half Life 1
  41. Closed PAL Mega Drive & Saturn Games
  42. Closed Original Windows 98 CD
  43. Closed Official Rumble Pak and Controller/Memory Pak
  44. Closed Retro Magazines N64 Saturn & Dreamcast & Club Nintendo
  45. Closed Zorgon's revenge on ORIC ATMOS (Boxed)
  46. Closed A faulty NES cartridge
  47. Closed SNES PAL carts only
  48. Closed Philips CDi discs and peripherals
  49. Closed GameCube Ikaruga PAL
  50. Closed Street Fighter III 3rd Strike & Double Impact Dreamcast
  51. Closed MS-DOS 6.22 / 7.01 & Windows 3.11
  52. Closed UK Version No More Heroes PS3 (Please)
  53. Closed Lemmings - SAM Coupé
  54. Closed Street Fighter(s) For PAL Dreamcast
  55. Closed Pal Snk classics for PS2 - Please :)
  56. Closed Dodonpachi PS2
  57. Closed PAL Mega Drive Wants
  58. Closed The Battle of Olympus GameBoy version wanted
  59. Closed The Manager MS-DOS
  60. Found Mega Drive Stuff. Controller. Games. MS Converter
  61. Closed Super Mario All Stars PAL/UK Wii
  62. Closed AWE32 - full feature
  63. Closed Complete boxed King's Quest I to IV
  64. Closed Sin & Punishment N64
  65. Closed Project Justice PAL Dreamcast
  66. Closed TRS80 MODEL III Boot Floppy
  67. Closed Windows 7 Home Edition
  68. Closed Resident Evil 3 Gamecube
  69. Closed Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers CD
  70. Closed Cassette vision and super a'can games
  71. Closed Castlevania 1 for NES (PAL or NTSC)
  72. Closed 1 or 2 sata dvdr drive(s)
  73. Closed No More Heroes PAL PS3
  74. Closed Windows 8.1
  75. Closed MS-DOS 3.0 5.25" setup floppies
  76. Closed Watchdogs PC Download Code cash or trade.
  77. Closed Any Sensible Software merchandise
  78. Closed master system games
  79. Closed Resident evil&castlevania games
  80. Closed PAL PS1 Demo Discs!
  81. Closed Original XBOX pad s-type (UK)
  82. Found Command-and Conquer Generals Deluxe Edition
  83. Closed Any Sega Pico japanese games only
  84. Closed Game Gear games
  85. Closed Sega dreamcast games in NTSC only and acessories welcome.
  86. Closed Gamecube games
  87. Closed Bios ROM for the Number #9 – VLB GXE64 Pro
  88. Closed SNES (PAL) nice white with two controllers
  89. Found N64 Mario 64 and Mario Kart cartridges (NTSC-U)
  90. Closed Big box PC Games (Ultima 7 and UW1, PoP1&2, Blackthorne, Rise of the Dragon, Star Control 1&2, Epic/Apogee games)
  91. Closed Snes games, pal only!
  92. Closed Anyone who got MicroSoft Disk Operateing System 6.22 and windows 3.1 floppy disk's for sale?
  93. Closed Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (PC, French, floppies, box)
  94. Closed Robocop vs Terminator Sega Mega Drive PAL Cart only
  95. Closed 3D Pets Volume 2 PC Game (Millennium Bug)
  96. Closed Fight of fighters 95 rom cart only
  97. Closed Silent hill PC games.
  98. Closed 4-In-1 Fun Pak on Gameboy
  99. Closed Need for Speed III Boxed
  100. Closed Some games for the Tatung Einstein
  101. Closed Commander Keen - Goodbye Galaxy
  102. Closed The last of us steelbook (ps4)
  103. Found 2x empty Gotek cases - black and grey
  104. Closed Software for an Exelvision EXL 100 - Exelbasic and other tapes and cartridges
  105. Closed MSX 2 software (disk)
  106. Closed Quake PC, big box
  107. Closed Sierra games: Gabriel Knight, Colonel's Bequest, KQ5, SQ1 & SQ2.
  108. Closed Swap. My Sealed SNES CLASSIC MINI for your NES Classic Mini
  109. Closed Metal gear solid hd collection, puppeteer, crysis - ps3
  110. Closed Zero Time Dilemma (Nintendo 3DS)
  111. Closed IBM THINKPAD 600X - manufacturers recovery CD
  112. Closed Sega Ages Volume 1
  113. Closed PC Ripley's Believe it or not - The Game
  114. Closed Dr. Solomon's Antivirus for PC
  115. Closed " Maxis Collections 3 " Sim Classics CD-ROM
  116. Closed Wonderland Dizzy (NES) Kickstarter
  117. Closed PROMISE EIDE 4030 PLUS (VLB Controller card)
  118. Closed MSX Elite
  119. Closed Virtua Racing NTSC-USA version for the Genesis/Mega Drive
  120. Closed Arcsolo for Windows 95
  121. Closed Looking for floppy image of AMD 287 FPU demo disk
  122. Closed Logowriter Robotics for PC/MS-DOS
  123. Closed MIGHT AND MAGIC BOOK TWO (2) - IBM/PC Box set
  124. Closed Tallgrass Technologies Shortcut accelerator files/manual
  125. Closed Rise 2 Resurrection Windows 95 version