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  1. Hello from Thailand
  2. For Sale Brand new Megadrive 2 ASIA PAL from a real old stock
  3. Sold 2x Super Famicom
  4. For Sale Pads and arcade sticks Sega Saturn
  5. For Sale 2x Sega Dreamcast
  6. Sold 20x Mazin War Saga ASIA PAL on Megadrive
  7. For Sale Boxed Sega Saturn JP model 2
  8. Sold 1x Loose new Megadrive 2 ASIA PAL **12 euros**
  9. For Sale Super Famicom in box
  10. For Sale Sega Saturn JP model 2 + modchip + AR
  11. For Sale Backup devices/Rom reader SFC and N64
  12. Closed 10x NeoGeo MVS loose carts
  13. [FS] 10x Super Famicom controllers
  14. For Sale Brand new boxed Amiga CD32...270 euros without shipping