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  2. Sabre Wulf
  3. WTB: Dragonsbane - Quiksilva
  4. Closed Spectrum 128k
  5. Closed Codemasters CD Games Collection
  6. Wanted Street fighter II
  7. Wanted ZX81 Tapes
  8. Closed CP/M for ZX Spectrum +3
  9. Wanted ZX Spectrum Cassette Case
  10. Wanted Scart Leads for Zx Spectrum +3
  11. Wanted A working Speccy floppy.
  12. Wanted Dizzy 5, 6, 7
  13. Wanted 007 Transmaster by ZX-Guaranteed
  14. Wanted Various US Gold Titles
  15. Wanted Crash magazines
  16. Wanted Head over Heels cassette - Spectrum
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  20. Wanted Sinclair QL Games Microdrive
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  22. Wanted Transam ROM game for Spectrum
  23. Wanted Spectrum Games (Tape)
  24. Wanted Sinclair PC200
  25. Wanted CodeMasters titles
  26. Wanted Cassette/tape case
  27. Wanted Games I'm after
  28. anything that can be spared for hd scanning.
  29. Found Any +3 disks... any!
  30. Wanted Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
  31. Wanted Inlays
  32. Wanted Codemasters Games
  33. Wanted ZX SPectrum Into the Eagles Nest
  34. Wanted Any Kind of original Ql Software
  35. Wanted Any Kind of Original Sam Coupe Software
  36. Wanted Wanted any kind of original SW for QL
  37. Wanted ZX Spectrum +2 PCB
  38. Wanted or Borrow: Spectrum +3 format disk to test a 3" drive.
  39. Wanted Your Sinclair Megabasic (with instructions) and Moley Christmas covertape
  40. Wanted Any 3" Floppy Disks for my Speccy
  41. Wanted Sinclair ql microdrive cartridges
  42. Found Spectrum or Spectrum Plus
  43. Wanted Spectrum ROM games
  44. Wanted Case for ZX Spectrum+ 128K "Toastrack" motherboard
  45. Wanted Spectrum games on Microdrive
  46. Wanted Addams Family
  47. Wanted Codemasters Wanted List
  48. Wanted 8th Day Software wanted list
  49. Wanted Ocean and Spectrum Games wanted list
  50. Wanted Compass Software wanted list
  51. Wanted Desolator & Bedlam Disk versions
  52. Wanted Just one Game Fairlight 128k
  53. Wanted looking for Ramsoft *MGT +D disk archive
  54. Found Spectrum ROM Hungry Horace
  55. Wanted ZX Spectrum games
  56. Wanted Any kind of original Spectrum +3 Disk software
  57. Wanted ZXpand or ZXpand+
  58. Wanted 4 Most Warzone Spectrum Game Compilation by Alternative Software
  59. Wanted Bedlam Spectrum +3 Version
  60. Wanted Terramex big box wanted zx spectrum 48/128k
  61. Wanted Countries of the World Cassette
  62. Wanted Dun Darach & Tir Na Nog tapes
  63. Wanted Several games
  64. Wanted Roadwars Spectrum Version (BIG BOX EDITION)
  65. Wanted Spectrum SIDEWINDER II EDOS version
  66. Wanted Spectrum Opus Elite
  67. Wanted Atomix and Atomix 2, Czech games
  68. Wanted Desolator US Gold Spectrum +3 disk version
  69. Wanted Laser Compiler by Oasis Software for the Spectrum
  70. Wanted Livingstone Supongo I & II
  71. Wanted Compass Software, Visual Dimensions, Newsoft, Nutime, Dream World Adventures titles
  72. Wanted Spectrum Ocean Games