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  1. WTB: Archimedes Games
  2. WTB RiscOS Software
  3. wanted wolfenstein 3d for the arc a30x0
  4. Wanted Games to suit 1st gen Archimedes
  5. Wanted bbc floppies
  6. Wanted Lotus II on Acorn Archemedes
  7. Wanted Exile for the BBC Micro (Floppy, boxed)
  8. Wanted Bbc 5.25 software
  9. Wanted BBC Micro Quill Adventure writing system
  10. Wanted BBC B User Guide
  11. Please read me before posting
  12. Wanted Granny's Garden for the BBC Micro!
  13. Closed Lemmings (Original or "Learning Curve" re-release) for the Acorn Archimedes
  14. Wanted Chuckie Egg for the Acorn Electron
  15. Wanted Games wanted for acorn electron
  16. Wanted single cassette games for BBC Micro
  17. Wanted Acorn Electron/Micro cassette games
  18. Wanted Archimedes Softwares and Documentations
  19. Wanted Mary Rose for BBC Micro
  20. Wanted please delete, wrong forum
  21. Wanted Please delete, wrong forum
  22. Wanted Acorn Archimedes Software
  23. Wanted Various Acorn Electron games
  24. Wanted BBC Micro Model B Tape Game Software
  25. Wanted Acorn Electron (or BBC/Electron) games
  26. Closed a RiscPC power Button and Mouse
  27. Wanted Anyone got E-Type 1 or 2 ?
  28. Wanted The Pawn / Acorn Archimedes
  29. Wanted 3D Construction Kit for Acorn Archimedes
  30. Wanted Level 9 games
  31. Wanted All Archimedes 3D related applications with their documentations
  32. Wanted Acorn A3xx/A3000 Populous and also for Zarch
  33. Wanted acorn BBC micro / electron cassette / disc titles wanted ( mainly superior software titles )
  34. Wanted Ravenskull & codename droid posters
  35. Wanted FIRETRACK for the BBC ON DISC
  36. Wanted BBC Micro Superior Software Disc Titles
  37. Wanted Acornsoft C for BBC Micro
  38. Wanted Bruce Lee 5.25 disk ver BBC Micro