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  1. NEW 500W ATX PSU for Amiga 500/600/1200/3000/4000/CD32
  2. NOT AVAILABLE: Brand *new* 32MB 72 pin RAM @ AUD$5!!!
  3. ATX to Amiga cables and ZIP RAM - is anyone interested?
  4. *NEW* Kick Start ROM Switcher V1.0 @AUD$22 each!
  5. ATX to Amiga (various models) adapter cables @AUD$12-25!
  6. A600 Users - HELP!
  7. Feed Back
  8. *NEW* Kick Start ROM Switcher V2.0 @AUD$28 each!
  9. New 1MBx4 ZIP RAM Chips, 0.5MB each. Good for A3000D etc...
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  11. Everything I have for sale can be found on my website...
  13. Website updates & new items thread...
  14. New projects coming soon thread...
  15. CPUs and FPUs, get in quick! Some real bargains to be had!
  16. RGB to PAL/NTSC adapters @ AUD$30-33 each!
  17. Wanted: PGA 68030 @40MHz
  18. I have some Motorola CPUs and FPUs in stock
  19. V3.0 RGB to PAL/NTSC adapter in stock soon
  20. A1200 ROM Switcher/extender
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  22. Buying & delivery prices
  23. Motorola 68010 DIP-package CPUs?
  24. Amiga 500 Question
  25. MC68010s, PC floppy adapters, PSX joypad adapters
  26. Cf PCMCIA question
  27. He's back?
  28. Kickstart ROM Switcher V3.0
  29. Poor customer service.
  30. Anyone?