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20th September 2018, 23:42
My Available Swaps, all cassette unless otherwise stated:

Full Price/Big Box (anything bigger than a normal budget cassette)

2 x 3D Boxing - Amsoft Gold
3D Chess - Amsoft Gold
3D Grand Prix - Amsoft Gold
The Deep - U.S. Gold
Winter Games - Epyx Computer Software
Enduro Racer - Activision
Chubby Gristle - Grandslam Entertainments
Paperboy - Elite
X-Out - Rainbow Arts
Krakout - Gremlin Graphics
Yogi Bear - Piranha
The Flintstones - Grandslam
Continental Circus - Virgin Games
Batman the Movie - Ocean
HATE Hostile All Terrain Encounter - Gremlin Graphics
Sigma 7 - Durell
Street Sports Basketball - Epyx
Nightshade - Ultimate
Computer Maniacs 1989 Diary - Domark
Driller - Incentive
Total Eclipse (original edition with poster) - Incentive
Rodland - The Sales Curve
Marauder - Hewson
GI Hero - Firebird
Soccer 86 - Loriciels
Thai Boxing - Anco


10 Computer Hits - Beau Jolly - Chuckie Egg, Pinball Wizard, Killer Gorilla, Heroes of Khan (? I think this is a misspelling of Heroes of Karn), Special Operations, Flight Path 737, Ghouls, Defend or Die, Covenant, Jack and the Beanstalk
They Sold a Million - Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Sabre Wulf, Jet Set Willy, Beach-Head - The Hit Squad
They sold a million II - The Hit Squad - Bruce Lee, Match Point, Match Day, Knightlore
The Sports Pack - Basketball, Americal Football, Baseball - Gamestar (Activision)


The Bard's Tale - Electronic Arts (missing cassette #1: the game. Only cassette #2: additional dungeons included)
The In Crowd - Ocean - Compilation featuring Gryzor, Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior, Predator, Platoon & Combat School but missing Crazy Cars, Target Renegade & Karnov

Budget Cassettes

Animal Vegetable Mineral - Amsoft (Not for Resale)
2x Timeman One - Amsoft (Not for Resale)
3x Sultan's Maze - Amsoft (Not for Resale)
2x Bridge-it - Amsoft (Not for Resale)
2x Fruit Machine - Amsoft (Not for Resale)
Oh Mummy - Amsoft (Not for Resale)
Xanagrams - Amsoft (Not for Resale)
Roland Ahoy! - Amsoft
Roland in the Caves - Amsoft
Roland in the Caves - Amsoft (Not for Resale)
Roland on the Ropes - Amsoft
Roland on the Ropes - Amsoft (Not for Resale)
Electro Freddy - Amsoft
Spannerman - Amsoft
The Way of the Tiger - KIXX
Big Trouble in Little China - Alternative
The Last V8 - MAD Games
Super Stunt Man - Codemasters
Bigfoot - Codemasters
Starquake - Bubble Bus
Cylu - Firebird
Dawnssley - Top Ten Hits
Nonterraqueous - Mastertronic
Star Wreck - Alternative
Chronos - Mastertronic
Dan Dare Pilot of the Future - Mastertronic
Soul of a Robot - Mastertronic
Mission Jupiter - Codemasters
Strangeloop - Virgin
Thrust II - Firebird
Mission Genocide - Firebird

Loose cassette tapes (no box/cover)

Football Director - Cult
Magic Land Dizzy - Codemasters
4 Soccer Simulators - Codemasters
Golden Axe - Virgin Games
Turbo Esprit/Combat Lynx double - Durell software

Amstrad Action Covertapes

#1 - Dizzy full game, Hydrofool complete game, Total Recall demo, AA Toolbox
#2 - Predator 2 demo, How to be a Complete ******* full game, Biggles full game, AA Toolbox
#4 - Switchblade demo, Megaphoenix demo, Future Knight full game, Balldozer full game
#6 - Robozone demo, Lightforce full game, Heavy on the Magick full game, Rambase/Datafile
#9 x2 - Cisco Heat demo, Impossaball full game, Tir Na Nog full game, RSX-LIB
#10 - GAC, Southern Belle full game, Pagemaker Plus, Extended Basic, Pokes
#11 - Seymour Take One mini-game, Firelord full game, Football Forecaster, Fonts, Pokes
#14 - Stryker and the Crypts of Trogan demo, Croco Magento full game, Anarchy full game, Gpaint, Type-Ins, Pokes
#38 - Uridium, The AA Toolbox (PD)
#43 - Turbo the Tortoise, Crossword Compiler
#48 - Cassette only - Ball Bearing, Master of Space demo, Columbia

Amstrad Action Xmas tapes (no box/covers issued)

The Untouchables, Sun Crossword, Gunslinger, Word Processor, Typewriter, Tape-to-Disk
x2 Puzznic demo, Lost Caves full game


Amstrad Action Nos 37, 38, 39, 40 (x2), 41, 42, 43, 45, 47, 52, 53, 64, 66, 69, 70, 71

Amstrad Computer User 1987: Jan (missing cover), Feb (missing cover), Apr, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov

Computing with the Amstrad Vol 3 No 3 March 1987


Full Price Amstrad games in Strategy, 3D, Adventure or Cult British licenses (e.g. Andy Capp, Knightmare) genres

Also specifically:
Prehistorik II
Super Cauldron
Zap't Balls
Bubble Bobble
Rainbow Islands
Bomb Jack
Footballer of the Year
Get Dexter (Crafton & Xunk)

Cauldron I & IIRoland on the Ropes - Amsoft (Not for Resale)

1st November 2018, 19:39
updated list with : Rodland & some more AA mags

3rd November 2018, 21:36
updated list with: Amstrad Computer User mags

11th November 2018, 20:01
magazine - Computing with the Amstrad vol 3 issue 3 March 1987

big box - Marauder, GI Hero, Soccer 86, Thai Boxing

compilations - They Sold a Million, the Sports Pack

20 odd budget titles

loose - Turbo Esprit/Combat Lynx

will be sticking them on eBay as a no reserve job lot in a bit.

11th November 2018, 21:46

As these are now listed on the other bay as bids they can't be listed on here as well.

Time to close and archive this thread.