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21st January 2008, 15:34
If you are new to Amibay, you probably won't know who are the people who manage this fine site (The A-Team).

The AmiDev Team (Administrators & Site Development - Danger, Men At Work)

AmiDev Group Moderator: Dazzaboy
AmiDev Members: Zetr0, Harrison, Sarek

The Moderator Team (Local Law Enforcement - To Serve and Protect)

Lead Moderators: Merlin, Kin Hell
Moderators: Adonay, TheCorfiot, Musashi5150, keropi, coze, Fingerlickin_B, T_Hairy_Bootson, rkauer

When they are logged in, Moderators (AmiMods) show up as orange names and Senior Moderators (Mega AmiMods) show up as green. Administrators show up as red names at the bottom of the main page. Site developers (AmiDevs) show up as purple names.

Before anyone tells me, yes, Sarek and I are also caretaker Administrators, hence we show up in red, just to confuse things....

We are all dedicated Amiga people and are all very approachable, please contact us if you have any ideas, issues, love notes, death threats etc.

Enjoy the site we all have worked so hard to create for you.