View Full Version : Amiga 600 recap through eBay, no replies to my messages

30th September 2020, 08:50
Hi Steve,

I appreciate you are a busy man but I have been trying to find out where my Amiga 600 motherboard is, I initially wrote to you asking for an ETA when sending in my board and you responded with 10 working days, I purchased the service on the 28th August and then my wife posted off the board, I wrote and asked if you could let me know when it would arrive but never got a response, I thought fine I know you are busy so I won't pester. We are now on the 30th September and even if the board took 1 week to arrive that is over 15 working days, I wrote to you yesterday again through eBay and have had no response to find out where my board is.

Please update me I think communication is key to your customers!


1st October 2020, 18:54

replied via Ebay.


9th October 2020, 10:47
No response to my emails for a while. Just checking that:

1. You are ok?
2. My emails are getting through? (brad@*************.uk)

Regards, Brad

10th October 2020, 11:04

We can only see one email from you a couple of days a go? Sorry for the delay the form would have read it can take up to 48hrs to reply :-) Also we have have had to make some major changes to the website to take into account the growth we have seen and adding more features for example, your own account and within that can can notify customers we have their board :-)

So yes we have your board :-)


10th October 2020, 13:51
Long as you’re well and my board didn’t get lost it’s all good!