View Full Version : Paying by Paypal as Friends and Family to Avoid Fees - A Reminder and a Warning...

28th January 2021, 08:44
I want to remind everyone that if you make a Paypal payment to a seller on here and use the 'friends and family' option to avoid paying the fees, then you aren't protected if things go wrong. We will try to help if we can, but please remember that if you pay by this method (or pay by bank transfer), then you are taking on all of the risk. We won't be able to help you get refunded - think about it, who tries to reclaim a gift from friends and family?

You should also remember that something that looks too good to be true, probably is too good to be true and there are always opportunists wanting to make a quick buck on a sale of a desirable, rare piece of retro stuff that in reality won't turn up, as it doesn't exist. 'Smash and Grab' raids by scammers are running high at the moment as people's pockets are being squeezed by the lockdowns due to the pandemic.

Please, be extremely cautious of members with low post counts offering rare, sought-after goods. There is a very high likelihood of it being a scam and you need to get clear proof of the seller's identity before you send money off into the ether, never to be seen again.

There is such a trade that may have happened recently, we are investigating and we are on standby to go scammer hunting again.

Buyer beware...

28th January 2021, 08:52
A sticky thread I opened 2016 says pretty much the same

take a read if you can

keep safe.


28th January 2021, 08:57
Good point, well made :thumbsup:. Thread made a sticky.

28th January 2021, 15:27
Just don't..