View Full Version : For Sale External Commodore Amiga Gotek Drives - Brand New Enclosures

13th April 2021, 10:07
Brand new external Gotek Drives are available! These are brand new Aluminium enclosures that house a Gotek drive which is compatible with the Amiga A500 / A500 Plus / A600 / A1000 / A1500 / A2000 / A3000 /A4000.

There are options to add an OLED screen, Rotary Encoder and Speaker and includes the external ribbon cable.

Price : 84.99 incl. VAT

Check them out here: External Commodore Amiga Gotek Drives (https://www.retropassion.co.uk/product/external-gotek-drive-all-commodore-amiga-computers/)


13th April 2021, 12:03
no price in the thread