View Full Version : Offers made by Private Messaging

21st March 2009, 23:01
An AmiBay member has been approached recently by another member by PM, in response to a wanted advert placed on the site. This incident was reported to me by the member

All members are reminded that offers made by PM are against AmiBay site rules. Any offers received by PM from any AmiBay member should be ignored and the person receiving the message should report the matter to an AmiMod or Mega AmiMod.

In response to any advert placed on AmiBay, the first thing to do is make a post in the same thread, either declaring interest in an item offered, or offering an item against a wanted advert. The only details that should be passed by PM are payment details such as PayPal account names and address details for shipping purposes.

If you are in any doubt, please check with a memebr of the site staff who will assist you.