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1st February 2012, 17:04
Yay one of my fav games

Wing Commander is a 3D space combat simulation, it is one of the few games that i have played over and over again, i love the story line and the fact the you are rewarded for doing well with some funky cut scenes:thumbsup:

now if you play this on a stock A500 it will be pretty poor, very low frame rates and dithered graphics.

move up to a stock A1200 and it is still pretty jerky, but now the hand on the joystick moves:D

add some memory and thing improve quite a bit and the games becomes nice to play

move up to an 030 with fast ram and the game is perfect

move up to an 040 or 060 and, it becomes unplayable again:lol: but this time it is too fast!! (there is a guide on this site on how to slow it down:thumbsup:)

then there is the AGA version for the CD32, better graphics but again let down by the lack of power from the CD32.

For Wing Commander perfection try the guide to running the CD32 version on an A1200/A4000, you won't be sorry


compare the ECS and AGA version pictures attached below

and some gameplay video


Let the gaming begin!!

1st February 2012, 17:38
no vids Justin or pics of this classic?

1st February 2012, 19:12
no vids Justin or pics of this classic?

lol they are there now chap:nod:

1st February 2012, 19:48
I've never played the original! Guess I'll have to check it out now. :D


3rd February 2012, 18:46
in case you don't have them, here are the controls:)


4th February 2012, 18:54
Nice review Justin :)

Yep a great space sim back in the day and gave birth to a whole series of games. There are rumours that a brand new sequel may be in the works......

4th February 2012, 19:12
@ Geraldine

It's called Wing Commander Saga and Beta test 2 has recently gone out to the testers

Youtube linky (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi22GUy-VVs)

4th February 2012, 19:50
Thanks for that SD :thumbsup: It looks very good indeed, I do miss there not being a cockpit though. I do hope they decide to release it.

5th February 2012, 23:42
I am really liking this new review section. I also have the pleasure of the AGA version thanks to Justin's guide and this game rocks.

25th March 2012, 12:03
Wing Commander Saga has been released and picks up the story from there WCIII left off. It was built using the Open Freespace II engine, which means its free! :cool:.

Have a look on Mod DB here http://www.moddb.com/games/wing-commander-saga-the-darkest-dawn/downloads *note* did get a CRC error with part 2 of the download with this one

or here http://www.shacknews.com/file/30917/wing-commander-saga-the-darkest-dawn-10-free-game

or here http://spacesimcentral.com/downloads/ft2.php?dir=/Wing_Commander_Saga

The reason for multiple links is that this game is big, 3.32 GIGs, so go for the fastest one you can find :nod:

25th March 2012, 12:08
thanks for this geradline:thumbsup:

in 24 mins i'll start playing this:)

lol scrap that, it only took 7 mins

25th March 2012, 12:14
When I bought my CD32 back in the day i remember getting Wing Commander and never really played it. Then one day I was bored and had a go on it and I couldnt put it down.

The game is so addictive I love it.

I did get the Super Nintendo version which was good too and i bought WC 3 and 4 on the PS1.

Yeah I am now a WC nut :thumbsup:

25th March 2012, 15:50
the 1st download wouldn't install

so i used a torrent from here http://www.gamershell.com/download_87172_start.html?16:48:25

also NOD32 reports a false positive so you need to add it to the exceptions list:nod:

25th March 2012, 18:10
i f'ing love this!! it feels like playing the original Wing Commander:thumbsup::)

25th March 2012, 21:33
Justin, which link gave you the bad download? If you let me know I will delete it from my previous post. :)

And yes WC Saga is just like having a new game from the series. :cool:

Also here is a small vid from WC Saga for those who haven't tried it yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evJ64Y_3p9M

And finally (while I am here) dont forget the other free re-make, Wing Commander Privateer Gemini Gold, here is a vid and download links for that

Vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s66zyh1_ncY

Download: http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/files/category/75-privateer-gold/

11th September 2012, 21:08
Thought I would re-visit this thread with some news, Chris Roberts is back!


12th October 2012, 11:06
Hi Wing Commander fans!

Chris Roberts has released an hour long talk about his new game, now officially called Star Citizen. It has MMO and single player modes and will combine elements from both the WC (mission based) games and (interestingly for me) the Privateer games. It looks like we wont see anything until 2013 or 2014 though.

Here have a look, game play vid is at the start


24th October 2012, 18:30
More info
This new Chris Roberts game is called Star Citizen and looks like it's well on to meeting its funding targets. Could space sims be coming back to the mainstream? I do hope so! :)


2nd November 2012, 15:40
GOG has now Wing Commander 1+2 on sale for $2.39. Also WC3 and 4 are $2.39 each.

Bought the 1+2 package. I've bought WC4 earlier and I've got a boxed version of WC3.