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7th February 2012, 19:20
Inspired by my good friend Witcher's mouse review here is mine for the Roccat Kone.

This is a gaming mouse, it is black and has changeable LEDs so you can make it match your setup or have them strobe which is a bit over the top:lol: or you can turn them off altogether:nod:

the mouse is well made and after 10 months of use (heavy use!) it still looks and feels like new.

it comes with various weights to get it to feel like you want it to (ooeerrr)

the techie jargon...

True 3200dpi laser sensor
TCU – Tracking Control Unit
1ms response time; 1000Hz polling rate
16-bit data channel; 7080fps; 6.4 megapixel, 20g acceleration
72MHz TurboCore processor unit
128kB memory, update-/flashable
1.65m/s(65 inch per second)
Extended USB cable, cable diameter: 3mm
Mouse Size
Maximum width ca. 13.5cm x ca. 7.8cm maximum length

Mouse Weight
118g (133g incl. cable)+4 optional weights in 5g, 10g, 15g or 20g

System Requirements
Windows® XP / Windows® Vista / Windows®7
USB 2.0 Port
CD-ROM Drive

it has 5 programmable buttons plus the left and right buttons
it can store 5 profiles on the mouse itself (if you are going to use your mouse at someone else's house)

The precise Pro-Aim Gaming Sensor effectively reduces Pick-Up-Flight. It is accompanied by a high-end 6.4 megapixel sensor measuring with 7080 frames per second, loss-free up to an acceleration of 20G. 1ms response time, 1000Hz polling rate and the adjustable resolution up to real 3200dpi give you the competitive edge to improve your aiming skills.

Every mouse pad is different. There is an awful lot of mouse pads out there for sale. But this variety also has its disadvantages. The laser of standard gaming mice is calibrated to an average for satisfactory results on most mouspads. That’s why the Kone is provided with the Tracking Control Unit. It is the first and only mouse which analyses the mouse pad and calibrates the laser power exactly to the surface. Learn more about the TCU under the point "TCU-Info".

The internal TurboCore Unit is the powerful heart of this tool. All mouse calculations are being processed internally, enabling you to add timing information on macros and saving vital CPU power for game processing tasks and giving this mouse up to twice the processing power compared to other high class gaming mice.

128kB of Internal Memory allow you to save up to five Game Profiles containing macros for your game characters and individual settings directly on the mouse. You can use any of these profiles without driver. Create unlimited profiles with ultra-long macro sequences and parallel key commands for each mouse button using the Macro Manager and save them on your HDD.

Maximum grip in the heat of the game: The special right handed hybrid shape, equally suitable for claw or palm grip, revolutionizes the definition of gaming comfort. The shortened left mouse button and the precisely calculated downward slope towards the right mouse button are the inevitable results of long term research and ergonomics studies. The rubberized top and side surfaces provide maximum grip even in the heat of the final game.

Colour up your mouse: Fully customize the look of the Kone the way you want. The Light System comprises 5 LEDs which are capable of displaying the full spectrum of colours. You can independently change the colour of any LED and activate special light effects – or simply turn off the lights.

Only 118g (133g with cable) make this mouse an ultra light weight precision instrument. If you prefer a heavier mouse, choose between four different weights (5g, 10g, 15g, 20g) from the FastClip Weight Kit. Simply clip the weight into the dedicated slot. Only one press of a button releases the weight again. That’s it. No complicated processes involving unplugging and opening the mouse, no loss of warranty – just two clicks and you’re done.

now here is a really big draw back!! it will not work without drivers and windows will not install drivers for it, so if you are doing a clean install your mouse will not work until you install the software, i had to plug in a standard mouse until the install was done and then install the Kone software and then remove the standard mouse:thumbsdown:

would i buy one of these at full RRP? no, but as a cheap mouse, sure why not?:)

cheers, Justin

7th February 2012, 19:24
Nice m8 very nice. I do feel kinda sad drooling over a mouse with lights :lol:

I do like the idea of storing profiles onto the mouse itself, very handy indeed.

Nice one chap

15th February 2012, 16:32
Excellent mouse, but my good old (and much cheaper) Saitek Cyborg V3 is doing me just fine after a years worth of abuse... I doubt any expensive Roccat or Razer mouse improve my gaming anyway :D