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7th March 2012, 16:48
I thought of writing a review about Ratte's awesome Auto AGA/RTG switch using some links from my Blog.


The known problem is that many users experience the problem of having 2x VGA outputs from their Amiga.
- The native ECS/AGA output of a SD/FF
- The RTG output of a Graphics card
OFC we're not talking about Graphic Card with embedded SD/FF like the excellent PicassoIV but a combination of 2 different products.

The most common ways of switching between those 2 inputs were
- Changing cables (ok not so common and pretty lame but it's an option :lol:)
- Using an external VGA box (with rotary switch) switching between those 2 outputs
- Using the well known and excellent UMON/BMON switch that AmigaKit used to sell. It was a nice but still manual switch that could be mounted inside the Amiga and a simple switch was provided to select each mode.
- Using the ULTRA RARE Multimedia & Design switch that was auto!!!
- Making a self-made Auto switch like Phipscube's AWESOME thead for his A1200. Epic mod but serious skillz required for that.
- Using Ratte's switch that he released in public as a DIY mod. Detailed instructions with lotsa pictures, software, pinouts etc can be found on the official thread who's link I attach to the bottom of this thread.

Some reviews from my own blog you can find here:
- A1200: Ratte's Auto AGA/RTG Switch arrived (http://mfilos.blogspot.com/2010/11/a1200d-ppc-rattes-auto-agartg-switch.html)
- A4000: Mounting Ratte's Auto switch & Buffing Grex (http://mfilos.blogspot.com/2011/12/a4000-mounting-rattes-auto-switch.html)
- A4000: Custom circuit for Auto AGA/RTG switch (http://mfilos.blogspot.com/2011/09/a4000-custom-circuit-for-auto-agartg.html)

As a latest update... Ratte has wrote a new tool (except the default SwitchControl that worked for WB3.x) called SwitchHack that now works on OS4.x and MorphOS as well!!!
Add this Tool to the (AOS4/MOS) Startup-Sequence and the switch will get a short signal to activate the "GFX"-Mode.
The signal is being send to either to both ports (parallel and serial).

So there is no "manual" add-on-switch for OS4 needed anymore ...

For more info on how to make it yourself, or links to download the software to control the switch check the official thread over A1K.org here:

P.S. When I find some more time, I'll include more info and how-to's in this thread so stay tuned :)

7th March 2012, 17:56
Brilliant as always Marios :thumbsup: Keep up the good work on reviewing and creating awesome "how to" guides.

7th March 2012, 19:37
Awesome, Mario!

Good work as always!:bowdown:

7th March 2012, 22:55
Hi Mario,

Thanks for the review

BTW: we still have the Internal Monitor Switch (http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=565) available.

8th March 2012, 00:04
I am waiting for my Picasso II to arrive. I am correct in saying that it does not need such a switch as it has a native through port where I believe you can feed Amiga PAL from the video port 23 pin to flicker fixer then to the through port on the Picasso.

8th March 2012, 01:21
Yes dougal, you don't need a switch as your picassoII already has one onboard... just feed it the chipset signal from your scandoubler and you are good to go!

Nice review Marios:thumbsup:

8th March 2012, 05:21
I was saving this for your birthday, but you deserve it now, anyway.:)

8th March 2012, 05:47