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21st March 2012, 20:47
The shadow of the third moon (from now on sottm) is basically a 3d flight simulation for the Amiga.

does anyone remember Comanche on the PC?

well this looks and feels just like that game.

Graphics are awesome for an Amiga game and on an 060 with rtg it simply zooms along, the game uses Uses 3dTIS (Three Dimensional Terrain Imaging System) or voxel 3d (didn't think I'd ever be typing that again)

game requirements are

Required:4Mb Fast RAM
Hard Drive
CD Drive
030 Recommended:040+
8Mb Fast RAM
Multiscan/VGA Monitor
GFX Card

sound is pretty basic but certainly passable:nod:

it is more arcade like than simulation and there are plenty of missions to keep you going for a while

the mouse control system is nice and smooth as well

for me this was like playing a new game on the Amiga and it shows how much more the Amiga had left in it:(

some game play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGz7D20bxFU

I'd rate this at 8/10:thumbsup:

21st March 2012, 22:21
Nice one bud, I have this game somewhere I really should get it out and play it :)

PS: turn the camera flash off next time :p

22nd March 2012, 07:10
yes Steve you are right about the flash, but i was too lazy to take them again:lol:

22nd March 2012, 16:01
It looks pretty cool, though I noticed that the gameplay video on youtube looked a bit choppy. Is that just the recording or was the Amiga config not quite up to snuff?

Also, just a comment about the "SOUND" screenshot. I'm glad they believe that the Amiga rules and I agree, however, it would have been nice to use a picture of an actual Amiga for that screen instead of what looks like an IBM PS1. :Doh:

I like that font they use a lot too! :cool:

22nd March 2012, 16:50
i think the gameplay speed may be cpu/rtg speed related:nod:

22nd March 2012, 17:01
Ummm, is the 030 recommended or will it play on my humble cd32? If it does, I imagine it'd be a slideshow, but worth trying :lol:

22nd March 2012, 18:55
i don't think it will run m8:(

22nd March 2012, 20:14
will it play on my humble cd32?

I dont think so Gouldin, worth a try though! This was a game that really pushed miggy hardware to its limits, its fast 030 and above territory I am afraid. Even then it was a bit choppy in places as I recall. With 060 power however, then it truly flies.

Was this the only voxel based game ever on the miggy?

22nd March 2012, 21:22
A great game! I played this when it came out, might have to look out for another copy.

Good review Justin :thumbsup:

22nd March 2012, 22:35
i havent seen this one for years,im going to see if i can get it somehow.

23rd March 2012, 01:18
Ummm, is the 030 recommended or will it play on my humble cd32? If it does, I imagine it'd be a slideshow, but worth trying :lol:

The game requires at least 68EC030/40, 1Mb chip (free) & 4Mb Fast. Doubtfully it will work on a plain CD32.

BTW: it requires at least 13Mb of HD space...