View Full Version : How to easily add pictures to your posts

12th April 2012, 10:35

In order to make it easier for you to post pictures with your offers and avoid off-site links that can create issues for others, I am going to explain how to add pictures to your posts.

Basically, there are two methods, depending on where your picture is located.

If your picture is on a site such as Photobucket, you can click the 'Insert Image' icon (the little button with a picture of a mountain and the sun in it) and paste the URL link to your Photobucket image there.

If the picture is on your hard drive, then use the 'Manage Attachments' button located under the text window, browse to the pictures you want to add by using the browse buttons, then click 'Upload Picture' to send them to our server. Once they have been sent, a 'Close Window' button will appear and you can close the file browser.

Once you have all of the pictures you want selected, click 'Submit New Thread' (or 'Submit New Post', if you are not the thread starter) and that's it!