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15th April 2012, 21:17
Hi all,

i hope there are some point and click fans out there:)

here we have Nightlong the biggest ever Amiga game released, this is a 3 CD monster of a game.

Nightlong reminds me of Beneath A Steel Sky, Monkey Island (cyberpunk version) or Bloodnet.

It plays very well but you again need a monster Miggy to play this, it needs 130mb of hard drive space with another 16mb for installation. to be fair, if it didn't need to stream so much vid via CD then an 030 would probably be fine, but as it is you'll want an 040/060 with RTG.

the game itself plays well and is nicely animated, the puzzles will drive you mad if you are not a point and click adventure expert (i am no expert in this field:lol:)

there is a PPC version of this out there as well, but i fail to see how a PPC would improve it (not knocking PPC its just as i mentioned earlier, once it is in game it isn't that demanding)

one bit of advise, get the 1.2 patch:thumbsup: (I seem to have some sort of graphic glitch with shadows on my system, i'm guessing it is something to do with my set up)

a few good clickboom patches here

of course here is the vid

overall it is a nice game and worth losing a few hours with;)

16th April 2012, 04:59
I simply LOVE point'n'click games! Thanks for the review, Juzza!

16th April 2012, 07:08
you are welcome mate:)

if these reviews help just one person to try a game or piece of software that they haven't tried before and they like it, then the reviews are worth doing:thumbsup:

16th April 2012, 14:59
This looks great - I will have to set some time aside for this title =)

16th April 2012, 16:13
yay! another convert:thumbsup: