View Full Version : Amibay - A Full House on the domain names!!!

16th April 2008, 12:51
Great news for all you Amibayers,

After a long, patient wait by Harrison, we have finally managed to secure the final Amibay.com domain name that we wanted. Nice work, Harrison!!

This means that we now own Amibay.co.uk, Amibay.com, Amibay.net and Amibay.org and they will all point to the new upgraded site, this may take a few days to set up, but for now, you will be redirected to here anyway, so no need to panic.

If that's not a Full House, I don't know what is !!!!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Kin Hell
16th April 2008, 19:48
Congrats too! :D

The Amiga Community just got a boost too! :wink:

16th April 2008, 20:27
and www.aimebay.com (http://www.aimebay.com) apparently.

16th April 2008, 21:14
That's because we love it that much... :D

16th April 2008, 23:52
Hmm... yes, well... as mentioned elsewhere that that my mistake in trusting someone else to register the .com domain for me. Won't be doing that again!

Anyway... http://www.amibay.com seems to have now migrated correctly through the DNS settings and is now pointing correctly to the site, so I've changed the site settings so everything is pointing to amibay.com for cookies and site rook domain. Much nicer. :)

10th July 2008, 10:18

Well done, we needed this site so badly.

Kind Regards, Michael

aka rockape