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13th June 2012, 23:57
my dremel has died. brushes won't revive it so I've binned it!

so ...buy another! ahhh i forgot how expensive they are and for a tool i use once every six months..

after a quick search on everyones favourite auction site ( :-) ) i found a compy of a dremel tool for very little money - why not said i.

I've been using it for a couple of days and i have to say that its very good, the quality isn't brilliant and its no good as a drill (it stops when pushing) but it is a grinder after all.

it has selectable speed from slow to very fast and a power button on the body. it is almost a direct copy of the dremel at less than half the price. while its not as well made as the dremel , for a hobby person it will do.

however if you are heavy handed or in need of better quality - buy a dremel, for cutting up Amiga cases or shaping thin steel it is just the job.


Multitool Dremmel Style Hobby Tool + 105 Piece Acc


For: Cutting, Carving, Sanding, Grinding, Cleaning, & Polshing
1 x 12.7mm Drum Sander
4 x 12.7mm Coarse Grit Drum Sanding belts
5 x 12.7mm Fine Grit Drum Sanding belts
1 x 9.5mm Felt Polishing Tip
1 x 3.2mm Set Screw Mandrel
1 x 3.2mm Screw Mandrel
1 x 9.5mm Aluminium Oxide Grinding Stone
1 x 15.8mm Aluminium Oxide Grinding Stone
1 x 25.4mm Felt Polishing wheel
6 x 12.7mm Felt Polishing wheels
1 x 9.5mm by 25.4mm Dressing stone
1 x 10.3mm Silicon Carbide Grinding stone
1 x 19.8mm Silicon Carbide Grinding stone
3 x 31.8mm Reinforced Cut-off Wheels
36 x 23.8mm Cut-off Wheels
1 x 19mm Wire Wheel Brush
1 x 12.7 Bristle Cup Brush
36 x 19mm Medium Grit Sanding discs

2 x 3.2mm High Speed Cutters
Polishing Compound
Max Operating Speed Cutting ,
Grinding Sanding 35,000 RPM
Max Operating Speed for Brushes .... 15,000 RPM

13th June 2012, 23:58
I have one that looks the same, but black. It came from Woolworths. It has been very useful and reliable.

I also managed to slice the tip of my finger right into the bone with careful misuse :picard

14th June 2012, 00:12
yes i can image that happening , I've fired a small splinter of steel at my eye already.

of course we are all wearing eye protection and gloves aren't we?

14th June 2012, 00:55
I went ultra ultra ULTRA low end cheapo dremmel copy for my "dremmel"

cant say i was happy at all..
little grinding disks tend to explode. dril dosent drill. Incredibly underpowerd..

I only bought the thing to cut up plastic cases.. And yet i find a junior hacksaw blade witha bit of tape for a handle works a 100x better and faster..

I guess i should invest in a better rotary tool.
But for the time being with the space i have i cant justify any extra tools.

I just bought 5x needle tips. and 2x 45 degree 0.02mm chizle tips for my rework station + solder thingy.
then 2x 100G rolls of 40/60 0.7mm and 20m of kaynar wire.

i have my eye on a draper cabinett with 40 drawers to organize my thingys. but i cant buy that till we have a diferent house.

So a new rotary tool will come after the cabinet. Otherwize the wife will probably use it to castrate me.:picard

14th June 2012, 00:59
i must admit i blew up a little pink grind stone but i was being heavy handed at the time. caution is always handy. i don't expect many of the bits would pass a UK inspection for health and safety at work.