View Full Version : Wanted os 6.0.3 disk

4th November 2012, 19:43
i am looking for OS 6.0.3 disks
if you have pragrams for this os olso good


PM me

9th November 2012, 16:14

9th November 2012, 16:38
isnt OS6 or 7 downloadable from Apple now for free?

10th November 2012, 17:54
i don't have an mac but an Amax emulator i need this disks

10th November 2012, 20:49
I have one disk titled "Macintosh Utilities" Disk 1 Version 6.0.3 Apple part number 690-5362-A
How many disks were in the original set? Apple reports 4.

untested - sale price $5
tested and disk image supplied - $30, paid in advance.
plus your choice of expedited shipping from V0R 1X0 Canada and $5 for my careful packing and wait at the post office.

Do you want me to test it? These things are old and that may be the last time it runs so I'll make a disk image of it when I do. That makes the sale price higher. I would use my excellent condition Performa 6400/180 because I know the floppy drive has seen little use as I bought it new and know its history.

Will System 6.0.7 work for you? It looks like I have a complete set (5 disks) of that version with a note that says "all mount and open". They have been sitting in my attic for years since then.

I also have what looks like a partial set (3 disks) of 6.0.1 will that work for you?

I believe these are the same as the versions available on line. Apple has released these older operating systems at http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/English-North_American/Macintosh/System/Older_System/System_6.0.x/

If you need assistance with copying these to a medium you can access, let me know, I can help with that.

I did send a pm, did you get it?




12th November 2012, 10:38

i dont have anything from mac or any experience with it.
i am searching for mcintosh OS 6.0.3 working disks.
and some programs that work white os 6.0.3

12th November 2012, 11:07
isnt OS6 or 7 downloadable from Apple now for free?

no use to the OP, but yes:

(included this link as there is a helluva lot of stuff there besides the OS)

GS/OS / System 6.0.1

looks like 7.5.3 may be there as well

(i see updates for 7.6.1 and 8.1 but i presume they arent full OS installs)

and a few other bits are available direct from Apple

12th November 2012, 11:26
how can i put the os files to an disk for the emulator ?

is it posseble with an pc ?

12th December 2012, 22:24
:( 6.0.3 O.S disk's

29th January 2013, 15:52

still wanted the disks

29th January 2013, 18:16
have you tried torrent sites?

29th January 2013, 20:01
i have loaded os (.sea)
but do'nt no how to get is on disk.
i dont have a mac

29th January 2013, 20:09
doesent those disk images load into the emulator?

30th January 2013, 22:30

Here you can see the emulator
Here connect a mac fdd

30th January 2013, 22:42
ah i see,my apologies thats why you need the actual disks.

is there a way to get the images back to floppys?

1st February 2013, 20:55
with an mac and pc sending to a mac

7th March 2013, 14:41
still wanted the disks

29th March 2013, 21:22

stil need the disks

30th March 2013, 20:59
I might be able to help you.

I have converted the images to .dmg 800kb

These images can be written to a pc floppy drive using HFVExplorer.

I have archived the disk images and HFVExplorer for you to try.

Good Luck.

Edit: Attachment added 05/05/13

17th April 2013, 13:15

PM to arnie

17th April 2013, 17:22
@oldman1000: Could you be a bit more precise on this?
Main thing is you should mention your gear. What Amiga do you want to carry this on? Do you also have the external Apple floppy drive?
If you intend to use a PC for the transfer, is it one that does UAE ok?
Solutions could be surprisingly easy some times!
As a matter of fact, you could make your life easier if you have an optical drive with your Amiga setup. You could always burn the OS images onto a CD-RW disc so as not to waste media, and thereby copy the contents to your Workbench. After that, you can either use the special format A-Max utilizes for floppies, or Apple format if you have the external Apple drive.
The link that KenZakreski gave you is the ideal one to download the 4 disk images from.
If you haven't the manual: http://redump.emubase.de/lsd_view.php?id=269
Good luck, and keep us posted! :thumbsup:

19th April 2013, 11:42
I want to use this

Amax extern

only my English is very bad

and then I need help my child with translate


21st June 2013, 17:45
stil looking for the disks

6th August 2013, 07:07