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13th November 2012, 10:18
Righty ho then chaps and chapesses:)

what is all this CoinOps malarky we have heard so much about lately?

well it is a pre-configured collection of emulators and games for the original XBOX, depending on what version you grab (lite, standard or full) will determin the amount of games/videos/emulators you get.

CoinOps5 has a great front end with a list of sortable games on the left of the screen, the right of the screen shows an arcade cab with the title of the game, the date of release, manufacturer and a running demo of the game (which is great as it gives you a little preview of what type of game it is)

all in all i love this, great fun and from the little i have tried so far it is very usable and playable, i am surprised how well this old machine manages emulation.

Systems included are Amiga, Coleco, MegaDrive, MegaCD, Speccy, Nes, Snes, N64, PCE...... and some others i can't remember right now.

what will you need?

an original xbox softmodded or chipped and a big hard drive.
CoinOps5, the full version is a 48gig download (yep 48gig! UG is the clue here)
an FTP to get the files from your PC to you XBOX.

what do i have to do?
download CoinOps5, once you have your 48gig of files, unpack them to a lovely 68gig folder (lol yep 68 gig!!!)

now hook up your xbox to your network and ftp the CoinOps5 folder into a "Games" folder on your xbox, this took 56 hours on my system:blink:

anyhoo, once all downloaded and ftp'd it is well worth it.

couple of things i haven't worked out yet so hopefully someone will chip in with the answers.

1) i can't quit out of a game once it is launched (i have to re-set the XBOX)
2) i have to use file explorer to lauch CoinOps (it doesn't seem to show up in Games or Emulators)

i will update this thread later with some pictures.

cheers, Justin

13th November 2012, 10:20
Sounds more like a tut than a review, but great stuff still. Thanks :thumbsup:

13th November 2012, 10:31
56 hours? it takes 3 here.

Can i just add that it runs and looks great in 720p?

13th November 2012, 10:37
all info is good chap.

as for the transfer, i don't know if i had something setup wrong, but the FTP was running at about 1/2 meg a second, so 68gig at 1/2 meg a second is......

so what did you do to get it done in a few hours? what program? what settings?

if we can make this a less painfull experience for other users we should share the info:thumbsup:

13th November 2012, 10:38
great review :)

remember that exiting back to game selector is easy

Q - How do I exit a game?

A - Press START+BACK while playing a game this will take you back to the games selection page

13th November 2012, 10:43
Make sure you have passive mode enabled in your XBOX FTP settings, this really speeds things up.
I used a variety of FTP programs and settled on FLASHFXP, that was the fastest and easiest for me.
It will differ from Xbox to XBox though, one i did the other day topped out at 6.7 mb/ps whilst my own will hit 9mb/ps

Thanks Keropi..i too was resetting each time :roll:

Just to add i find transfers a lot faster if the Xbox is plugged into the router directly. If it's plugged into the wireless reciever upstairs which is 150 mb/ps wireless N, it halfs the speed.

13th November 2012, 10:47
and here is why i love the reviews section:)

thanks guys:grouphug::bowdown::thumbsup2:

13th November 2012, 12:34
all info is good chap.

I agree and apologise if I sounded unappreciative - which I am certainly not. I was just expecting a review like in 'what's changed', 'what's good', 'what's bad' sort of thing ;)

13th November 2012, 12:46
I normally manage to get just under the max 12MB/s transferring via ftp to my 2 Xbox's. They are connected either to a switch or directly to the router. The whole network is Gigabit, including the router and switch. Obviously the Xbox only has 100 Mbit Ethernet and not 1000 Mbit, but you should definitely be getting closer to 10+ MB/s. It is most likely your Ethernet cable that is the issue. Make sure they are Cat5 minimum. Mine are all Cat6 but that isn't even really needed most of the time even for Gigabit. Across other devices I usually get about 96-110.

13th November 2012, 13:20
coinops is a gazillion small files, many many files are just 1-50kb files... in that case you do get a big delay as you are not sending a huge single file... I'd say the time needed to transfer the ~68GB of data is 5 to 6 hours... the package is 21.204 files

13th November 2012, 14:16
Would this work with Xbox 360 as well, since Xbox 360's can run some Xbox 1 games? My 360 is Jtag'd so getting the files to a place where they can be executed is not an issue

13th November 2012, 14:22
no sorry it is only for the original xbox:(

13th November 2012, 15:14
I can quit from a game without resetting.

I press start+select to get back to the list. That should work for all except the native xbox games in the list. (canīt exit from halo and outrun 2 without resetting)

13th November 2012, 17:24
regarding having to launch from the file explorer. I've had that a few times and its usually cause the xbe file has a custom name.

i.e. on one of the emulators i was using (think it was a megadrive one) the xbe was called something like neogenesis.xbe as soon as i renamed that file to default.xbe and restarted the xbox it then showed up in the list.

Could be well off but its worth a check :)

13th November 2012, 19:46
all i goto figure out is how to add my own games, i would like flashback and a few others added to the amiga section. would be nice to not have to use the keyboard on that game etc all on a gamepad ;)

15th November 2012, 21:55
a little late, but some pics as promised.

there are over 3800 games in this pack, and so far i am very impressed, even Quake2 and wipeout have no slow down!:blink:

15th November 2012, 21:56
and even an old fav:thumbsup:

15th November 2012, 22:51
Photos look great as does the coinops :) I'll need to see about a bigger hard-drive ;)

16th November 2012, 07:41
I find it very odd that they did not include the Turrican games on the Amiga section... and the Master System one lacks the Sonic ones...

16th November 2012, 09:05
I find it very odd that they did not include the Turrican games on the Amiga section... and the Master System one lacks the Sonic ones...

all the sonics are present on mine, haven't looked for Turrican, will look tonight:)

16th November 2012, 10:41
nope, there are no SMS sonic games or PCE Wonder Boy in Monster Land ...

16th November 2012, 21:45
erm no Sonic or Wonderboy?

16th November 2012, 22:57
SMS was the old 8bit console, Sonic came out on the Genesis (Megadrive). I've seen some pirate conversions for the SMS, but I don't think there was ever a offical release for it.


16th November 2012, 23:01
Sonic was on the SMS and was a built in game on some of the model 2 systems.

I think what keropi was saying is that Coinops 5 doesn't include the Sega Master System versions of Sonic The Hedgehog. Justin's picture shows the Sonic versions as Megadrive and there is a difference in the two.

Couldn't comment on the Wonderboy though :lol:

17th November 2012, 00:25
^ correct.
There are original sonic games for the sms. SEGA made 3 arcade games for the 8bit Master System : Sonic (http://www.captainwilliams.co.uk/sonic/sonic8bit/sonic/sonicms.php), Sonic 2 (http://www.captainwilliams.co.uk/sonic/sonic8bit/sonic2/sonicms2.php) and Sonic Chaos (http://www.captainwilliams.co.uk/sonic/sonic8bit/sonicchaos/chaos.php) , all of them are a different game from the 16bit version, they are not dumbed down conversions.


On the PCE there is Wonderboy in Moster Land AKA Bikkuriman World (http://www.jap-sai.com/Games/Wonder_Boy_II/Wonder_Boy_II.htm). It's a faithfull convertion in par with the arcade release. The Wonderboy series are a name mess due to region re-naming, the megadrive never had the PCE's Monsterland or Dragon Curse games, even if the names match.

Now don't get me wrong, but along with the turrican misses I became a little sad. :lol: You can't have a ~70GB collection with GBA or PSX games that don't run at full speed on normal xbox consoles and miss some true classics. It is certain that some more might missing too... I'm not being ungratefull but ... missing sonic games? Come on....

17th November 2012, 02:33
you are not alone in your oppinions about coinops.
thats why i also include other emulators along side coinops for the people who want as many games as possible.
BP tends to add the games he thinks are needed and work best.

But to be fair he does open up a forum post speciffically top ask people what they would like to see added to current or next versions.

what used to happen is people would add more roms to coinops and re release them, and then when something went wrong people asked BP how to fix it. bp got fed up with this so he locks coinops down. you can usually still add your own roms provided they match the rom list. but there is a set amount minimum and maximum that have to be/ can be, added.

so personaly i never bother. the way i see it most of my xboxes go to others, if they want help from BP then its better for them if coinops is as inteneded.
so instead they get CDX which is just a front end with a bunch of emulators on it and i put a bunch of roms on that.
i dont mcuh bother with psx but i do usually add it. but the support for games with that is prety low so i try to avoid recomending it.

17th November 2012, 11:02

Never really knew why he added locks until now. I can see problems in psx/n64/mame emus but on the other consoles locks are pretty much useless. I always thought it was a programmer's eccentricity.

At any rate I do have installed Madmab's emus + Ressurection Extras , they are just awesome with full sets but nowhere as flashy as CoinOps even with the video packs... but they do add more user options/customization. You can't have all I guess :lol:

17th November 2012, 18:49
well madmab and coinops both started the same place Bp says they stole lots of his stuff. and he gets Angry about it, i mean seriously angry lol..

go to his forum and mention emus extras or similar and your going to get banned.

now you have 2 camps really madmab and coinops. and the fans of each hate the fans of the other. which is stupid in my books lol.
I have no probs using both.

coinops does a lot of work making games that wont work on an emulator on the xbox work.
and then have locks. and a relitivly paranoid (although probably justyfied to be) developer.

and madmab just wants every one to have everything they can have. and download all the bells and whistles later if they want to..

the main problem that coinops has is where it gets released.
it really needs a dedicated server just about 100Gb would be enough, and host it there,
just rename the .zip or .rar to .int or something. then users could download it and rename it.
if they did that and had a small donation option there would be plenty of people who would then use coinops.

but with the way it is now. some people just wont use coinops on the principal that its on a private tracker.
thats ok for people like me who apparantly have fans on these sites that will just give me bandwidth because i forgot to log in for 5 months.

but for others who may not be as umm outspoken? in the xbox-scene then they usually get banned for trying to download and then they get really really angry.

and then the second thing i say coinops should do, and i have told Bp this.
is release a update standalone. just like the standalone they have now. but also comes with all the extra games.

that way people who ad coinops 4 would only need to download say a 10Gb file and ftp that over the top of coinops 4 to be updated to coinops 5 with all the extras.

because if im honest..
im not a huge fan of downloading 50-60gb of data at 300Kb's every 6 to 12 months.
And 1st thing you finish downloading one you will see bp is thinking about the next one.
so all you can do is hope it takes him 18 months atleast lol.

17th November 2012, 19:27
I am getting a new astro city cabinet and I am looking for ways to connect xbox to that. Coinops + real japanese candy cabinet would be ... just... exactly what the title of the other coinops thread says.

17th November 2012, 20:11
I am getting a new astro city cabinet and I am looking for ways to connect xbox to that. Coinops + real japanese candy cabinet would be ... just... exactly what the title of the other coinops thread says.

just my 2 cents, but if it isn't a money issue you will be better putting a pc on that cabinet... there are way flashier guis on pcs and a huge gap nowdays on horsepower... the xbox IMHO is "too little" for a cabinet


17th November 2012, 20:23
I tried setting up hyperspin once. Yes, it is flashy but when it comes to browsing a ginormous archive of thousands of games... it is just not convenient enough for me.

Coinops has VERY nice gui coupled with awesome filtering system and it is all ready and already set up needing just one download, extraction and transfer.

Hyperspin just kind of chokes... you canīt conveniently browse a very large amount of roms with it. And you need to tinker a lot to set it up such that it has all those video intros and everything. And you might end up looking at a windows desktop on cabinet at some point which would be herecy. :coffee:

But for now it looks like Iīll just use a neo motherboard and a multigame cartridge to get me started. :cool: But compared to that I tend to think coinops would bring quite a nice variety.

Hyperspin looks like something that would be nice if thereīs only like less than 100 games per platform on the list.

Like in that video. If you have only one or two games starting with any given letter, then it looks nice. In my list there would be a couple hundred games beginning with a number before we even get to games starting with A... and five prototype/bootleg/original/different region versions of each game. It would become very hard to browse very fast :)

17th November 2012, 21:14
my mame build (postponed since forever)
never boots to a windows desktop. "just opens straight to the mame gui" and even the windows boot screen i changed to say MAME, and its own snazzy little pic.

if i ever needed to do something windows like. i would need to ctrl alt delete and start explorer.exe

so having it act properly is not a problem.
although i will admit some of the front ends are a pain in the butt to set up properly, and the better ones tend to want money for what is generally just a customizable browser.

the only reall reason i wanted a front end instead of boot directly to mame was so i could easily select game consoles from the same front end.

17th November 2012, 21:21
I'm slowly working on updating my mame cab, it's got a 27" d9200 multisync monitor, and currently I have a old 865 P4 system with the original arcade vga card driving it.

The new system I'm slowly working on is a i3 with a Radeon 4350 card running groovymame.

My cab is pretty complex with dual act labs optical light guns, (I know the aim track guns are around and much better, but I'm short on cash.)
Spinner, trackball, currently 4/8 way switchable joys, but I have the 49 ways with controllers to change out when I get the software configured.

The cab currently has mamewah as a frontend, but with the new one I'm trying to switch to hyperspin.

I did grab a copy of coinops 5 and stuck it on my sons xbox, he loves the old games. (He's 13.)


23rd November 2012, 16:50
I need help finding a C64 game in Coinops (if it's there. not so many C64 games) , it's
got two games in the series (I and II).
You go in with destroyers (boats) into a reef an get shot at in part two i think u avoid torpedoes,
Then u get to shoot down planes with an AA gun from the ship.
It's a really high profile game, the name just slipped my mind, can someone please help me.

---------- Post added at 17:50 ---------- Previous post was at 17:33 ----------

It was bech head, great game. Too bad it isn't in Coinops though.

23rd November 2012, 18:50
It was bech head, great game. Too bad it isn't in Coinops though.

Have fond memories of that one too. It took forever, forever to load on tape. I restarted the loading process many many times, thinking it wasn't working, until one day I let it run by accident... :double

23rd November 2012, 18:54
Oh, it's new found for me i got it with a C128D on floppy that i bought from a local guy.
It brings back memories from wargame construction set, which i also have now BTW, boxed.
Both are fun i think.
But i think of Beach Head when i see arcade, which is why i looked for it in CoinOps.
Awesome game, it would have fitted great in an arcade IMO.

Edit: i sometimes leave them running too, nice surprise when they come on isn't it :)

23rd November 2012, 21:38
That's me got CoinOps 5 Thanks to scrappysphinx doing me a big favor setting up new hdd :thumbsup:

CoinOps Very impressive :thumbsup:

23rd November 2012, 21:55
Even the coinops screensaver is kind of fun. Sit down with a few friends, start playing and get a few beers. After having tried few games and having had few beers, get back to game selection menu and let go of the controllers.

Wait a couple minutes for the video screensaver to start and you have instant fun with name the game and platform contest that never seems to run out of games, new short video clip every few seconds. :thumbsup:

27th November 2012, 18:19
Guys,where from I can download it? I have tried underground gamers torrent but as never used torrents I will not be able to meet their requirements:(, was banned after 20G as my ratio is too low. No surprise as got only this torrent active ... I got it unbanned but can not see a way to have better ratio in less than a year :). Please help if you know other source.

27th November 2012, 18:32
Usenet is your friend ;)

22nd December 2012, 11:10
I need help, please. :) I've updated my xbox coinops4 installation first with CoinOps4 RC9 and then with CoinOps5 stand alone. Basically CoinOp5 is working and I have all the games - but I can't see the preview videos of the games in the main menu - there ist only a black screen. Any ideas? Thank you :)

22nd December 2012, 11:18
I think you need coinops5 full and then coinops5 standalone on top of that.

22nd December 2012, 11:24
Hmm...that's a problem, because I can't find the full version. But I think with CoinOps4 I have the most important data - the whole installation is 54GB big. (without CoinOps4 rc9 and CoinOps5)

27th December 2012, 10:52
i think you can get the videos as a separate file if you can find it online. I had videos missing from my coinops 3 installation so i just copied the video file from coinops 4 to coinops 3 and it worked ok :thumbsup:

27th December 2012, 13:28
Thank you - but I found the solution. The videos are in the "Videoextras" directory. ;)

21st February 2013, 13:50
Would anyone be able to tell me how well N64 games run in Coinops5?

Am I right in thinking that they'll run as well as they do in the emulator Project 64 i.e. variable performance depending on the plug-ins used?



21st February 2013, 14:46
i've only tried Mario Kart and Mario 64, both played fine with no slow downs

22nd February 2013, 11:07
from what i understood some fixes were applied for mario kart 64 for coin ops 5 to allow it to run optimally and in 2 player mode.

I find n64 games work well but being a sega person i wouldn't know how they worked originally on the n64, so not sure what to compare against.

One of my friends tells me has probs with lionking on the snes - trust him to find a game out of the thousands on coinops 5 to have fault with :)

29th November 2013, 13:01
Hi! Hope it's not too bad form to add a post to an old thread.

I and other pack makers have given a lot of Commodore love to coinops over the past year. We've now got about 250 amiga games working nicely, and more to come. Almost 900 C64 games too. My build is running 14550 games currently with lots more on the horizon.

Check out the packs section of the coinops forum to find out more :)

29th November 2013, 13:07
Nice :thumbsup: Will have to check it out .. might be able to play around with it during Christmas break !

Looks like the site is down maybe? Hope not for good :(

9th August 2014, 13:11
Is anyone using CoinOps on here? I've become interested in the project, but I see there has been a bit of a problem. CoinOps6 is now only available to community members of the CoinOps Project (http://coinopsproject.freeforums.org/portal.php). I've registered over there to see what's going on.

9th August 2014, 13:15
Hello! I use CoinOps6... You can download it free, using update 11 at the moment

9th August 2014, 13:21
How do you find it as an interface? Do you boot straight into it, or start it from xbmc?

9th August 2014, 13:56
Well, I think that it can be configured to boot, but I prefer to launch it from dashboard like an app. I copied the whole program to the games folder... I have a 320Gb HD fitted and my daught has an 500GB IDE on her XBOX. Plenty of space :D