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26th November 2009, 04:08
The User Reputation system allows you to leave comments about one another's posts, and thereby contribute to each others overall 'reputation'.

This can be thought of as being similar to Karma systems found on other sites. It can be taken as a measure of a members respect among his fellow peers on the site.

If you think a member deserves to be thanked for something they posted, then you can leave them some reputation in the form of a comment and some points.

How does it work?

When you leave another member some reputation, you award them the number of points equal to your current reputation power number. So if your rep power was 40 then you would be giving another member 40 reputation points when you send them some reputation.

In your User CP you can view the most recent reputation left for you by others. You can also see your reputation points total here.

As you gain reputation points you will rise up though reputation levels, depicted by little green "pips" under your username next to your posts, and in your profile. Attached to these reputation levels are little monikers depicting your reputation standing on the site. Hover your mouse over the green pips to read them. Gain more reputation points to discover what the higher level ones say. ;)

How is it calculated?

New members begin with 0 Reputation points. You will gain more reputation points though using the site and when other members leave you some reputation.

As mentioned, when another member leaves you some reputation they will award you a number of points equal to their current Reputation Power.

A member's reputation power is worked out based on everything a member has done on the site. The number days they have been a member, the number of posts they have, what they own current reputation points score is...etc.

Remember that your Rep Power isn't your reputation score. Rep Power is how many points you give to another member when you leave them reputation. So you could view this number as how powerful you are on the site.

"Your" reputation is depicted by the green pips, and the actual reputation points score which can be viewed in your User CP above the most recent reputation comments left for you.

26th November 2009, 04:24
Reputation Power adjustments

With the initial site setup the settings that calculated the Reputation Power of members was set too high, instantly giving members with high post counts a huge advantage over other members, allowing them to award large number of reputation points each time.

The settings have now been adjusted to make it fairer for all members.

Reputation power is now calculated as follows:

For every 90 days as a member = 1 point.

For every 50 posts = 1 point.

For every 100 points of reputation = 1 point.

30th November 2009, 09:34
As a result of feedback from members, the reputation system has been uninstalled from the site.