View Full Version : Wanted Granny's Garden for the BBC Micro!

27th May 2013, 23:14
A nostalgic one, this.

I'm looking for the classic educational adventure game, Granny's Garden, for the BBC Micro.

The disk must be original. The manual and any other accompanying materials from the time would be nice to have, but are not a requirement.


28th May 2013, 09:13
That witch still freaks me out! Good luck on your quest.


29th June 2013, 03:54
Haha, thanks very much!

What sticks with me, incidentally, is the unworldly laugh she has. Memorable stuff.

Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck so far, so this'll have to serve as a bump. :P

29th June 2013, 09:36
Good luck on it, im also after a copy.

If only schools hadnt of chucked out all there old BBC Micros all those years ago

29th June 2013, 11:44
The password is fig!

Sorry about that. I got a wee bit excited :lol:

30th June 2013, 23:51
Hahaha! In one version, the password is instead, "LOG", if memory serves (I think it's the Amstrad CPC port). :p

Also, DBloke, good luck to you also!

1st July 2013, 06:36
My school had several copies, but I'm pretty sure every single one was pie rot. In my school they believed that you could copy anything you want so long as it was for educational use...

16th July 2013, 21:43
Haha, "pie rot", I'm going to have to write that one down. Part of me is thinking, "Wow, what great values to teach the pupils.", there. :p

It really is a shame that so many of these were destroyed; I can remember watching a teacher cutting up old BBC Micro disks, once, even though the school wasn't getting rid of any of the BBC gear at all, and it remained in use for years afterwards.

Anyway, still looking, as you might imagine... ;)

16th July 2013, 22:56
Have you made a post on the Stairway To Hell forum? You're not allowed to discuss copies of it there, but you can ask for legal originals.

17th July 2013, 01:57
I haven't, no, but I was browsing there just a few days ago and had been considering it. Since I'm looking for something else Acorn-related as well, at the moment, I probably ought to hop on over and give it a shot, I suppose!

Thanks for the advice!

11th August 2013, 11:24
Sadly still looking. The witch keeps sending me home at once.

17th August 2013, 17:14
Im sure I played a game like this at school (the first time I ever used a computer) the game had a castle and frog and was similar , do you know if there is another game like this.

17th August 2013, 19:12
I can remember a few graphic adventures in the same vein as Granny's Garden (but annoyingly, not their names...), but that one doesn't sound familiar, I'm afraid - sorry about that.

If it was another BBC Micro title, it might be worth asking over on StarDot (http://www.stardot.org.uk), since someone there might know. :)

4th September 2013, 17:06
I honestly had no idea this would turn out to be so difficult to find! But I am still looking. Any help appreciated, as ever. :)

16th April 2014, 14:37
Been a while since I bumped this, but I'm stiiiiiiiiiiiil looking.