View Full Version : Closed Lemmings (Original or "Learning Curve" re-release) for the Acorn Archimedes

27th May 2013, 23:25
I'm trying to track down Lemmings for the Acorn Archimedes.

I don't mind if it's the original release, or the "Learning Curve" re-release (which came in a jewel-case and can be identified by the large "Learning Curve" logo that obscures part of the box-art).

Unlike most other computers' versions of the game, as far as I remember, the Archimedes port came on only one floppy.

I hope to find an original in complete condition. If you have one that you'd like to sell, please let me know!


29th June 2013, 03:54
I'm still after this, if anyone's selling! :)

14th July 2013, 18:51
Bumping after making a big change to the listing; I was originally looking for the "Learning Curve" re-release specifically, but I'd now be happy with either the re-release or the original release.

29th July 2013, 11:11
I've now found this elsewhere, so please could this be marked as found, and closed? Thanks very much. :)