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8th June 2013, 18:59
If you haven't been to the online store in a while, You might want to stop by and check around. Because I am Unemployed at the moment, I am slowly starting to update it with some new stock I have. I have yet to list over 300 "small" items, so it's changing everyday -AND SO ARE PRICES. I am raising and lowering prices as new inventory hits and I am expecting a new hardware shipment within the next 2 weeks.
Please remember - all my prices include shipping to USA and Canada ONLY. I will ship overseas, but PLEASE Email me (either at the lounge or my hotmail) FIRST, so I can prepare an Paypal Invoice and shipping estimates )Remember shipping prices by Canada Post are INSANE so expect it!)
I make no money off shipping and I refund any diference or $5. Anyone ordering from overseas and just using the shopping cart will have their money refunded and a separate invoice will be sent with correct shipping (yes it happens all the time:picard).
I also have listings for Atari ST stuff and TRS-80 Color Computer stuff (but the Facebook crowd has basically wiped me clean of CoCo inventory in the last few weeks)
I no longer always am "on-line" here, so its better to email than to send a PM, because I only check the PM's once a day.

Oh, and I should not have to say this, but I keep finding myself repeating it over and over: All Stock -unless otherwise stated is all NTSC from North America. All Games unless stated are also NTSC. There is no PAL in Canada unless I have ordered it in from the UK or AmigaKit -LOL.

11th June 2013, 17:29
Made a new "Cover disk and CD" page, and I am loading up about a hundred or so Cover disk CD's form most of the popular Magazines. It's a slow process when you are scanning each of them in.

12th June 2013, 17:57
Dropping the prices dramatically today on about 80% of the stock in order to blow it out and make room. Please remember shipping is free in the USA and Canada ONLY! If you are overseas, PM me and I will send you a Paypal invoice with the postage added. most software under $20

12th June 2013, 19:54
Can you please put up a picture of the a4000 with the highflyer case?

12th June 2013, 20:04
Ok, I will try to either today or tomorrow, it's all packed up right now, so I have to dig it out. It does come with an ATX adaptor from AmigaKit, I just never got around to getting a new ATX power supply for it yet )been kind of broke-unemployed):whistle:

12th June 2013, 20:46
Quick Photos of the 4k open. No motherboard damage (I can put a Amigakit battery hack in at no charge upon Request The processor card is a revision 3.1.
you can see the front is not yellowed, but the floppy drive is.

12th June 2013, 21:23
More photos with top on. it does have the riser daughter card and a bag of brackets that I never installed yet it it (Holds a few more drives and cards) there is a fan mounted on the side.

12th June 2013, 21:38
I am also open to selling this A4K Without the HighFlyer lid. I will knock $100 off the price for just the OPEN A4k with no Power supply (as I had traded the lid and a working Power supply for the High flyer). Email or PM of this is what you wish, and I will send a Paypal Invoice.

13th June 2013, 02:45
I have decided to drop the price another $100 on the A4k for quick sale. Total Price now is $499 USD includes shipping to the USA and Canada. I will also honor the previous post of an extra $100 off if the Highflyer cover is not wanted. No way I can replace it at this price...
Overseas people bank on at least an extra $200 for shipping (not my call, just a quick look at the CP estimator to the UK)

15th June 2013, 05:08
A few more items (joysticks, Boxed games etc) are being added tonight.
This sale ends on Tuesday!

16th June 2013, 04:04
A whole lot of changes were made last night and a whole bunch more is being made over the next few hours. I have slashed prices again on much of the smaller stuff (in many cases- it's now just above actual shipping costs!) I won't be making changes tomorrow, as it's Father's day and I will be off at the parent's. I will be working through the night to update photos and list more boxed games and software though.

16th June 2013, 16:53
Sorry all,
A4000 has been sold, but plenty of other deals there.

18th June 2013, 01:07
heading into the last 24 hours of the sale, I am busy boxing up orders, but I will try to get more boxed games up tonight,