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7th September 2013, 18:24
This will be my last post for the online store. As of October, I will be slowly winding down operations on my online store and by December, I will be officially taking down the website.I want to thank all of you that supported it in the past. Both the Amiga lounge website and the CoCo lounge website domains will be going dark as of January 1 and domains will be up for sale. I will continue with the youtube videos though.
_thanks all.

10th September 2013, 03:44
sorry to hear that. Good luck in the future.

10th September 2013, 06:44
Sorry to hear about it, Glen. Good luck in your new path.

10th September 2013, 10:14
In the life there is always a new challenge! Good luck! :)

10th September 2013, 11:35
Good luck Glen, thanks for the A1000 many moons back, and hope your new direction is fruitful :)

11th September 2013, 17:42
Thanks guys, I am not leaving the Amiga though, I will always have at least 1 around to play with. And of course I will still be lurking here from time to time. It's just time I got away from living like a hoarder and live a bit more minimal. My goal is to be able to move everything I own in a small Mini Van at a moments notice, If for some reason I passed tomorrow, it would take weeks to dig out everything now. LOL

12th September 2013, 01:19
its time for a mega garage sale :D

12th October 2013, 18:19
I am starting to dump all the "non- selling" stuff off of the site like books and manuals etc. I have added more hardware and cards - and will be slowly adding and removing all month.
I did get an upgraded and Modded Atari STFM in just yesterday and its up now (NTSC). The site is not completely dead yet.

as always, if you want the site to remain up and support it without buying (which some people were asking, because shipping rates are insane) you can always donate a buck or two to help keep the site(s) alive. There is a "donate" button on each page of the Amigalounge.com.
But so far in the last 2 years,no one from the Amiga community has donated a penny- just the CoCo community.
If I get enough help and support between now and Christmas, I will keep the sites open and alive.
You can also donate directly through Paypal with amiga (at) amigalounge.com.

13th October 2013, 22:31
Prices are jumping daily- both UP and down...so you best be quick :lol:
Remember, I am not here daily that much anymore, so your best bet to get a hold of me is through e-mail.
glenvdb(at) hotmail.com
amiga(at) Amigalounge.com

25th October 2013, 19:44
In order to reduce stock even more, from now until Dec.31 ALL purchases will include a free gift. Could be a book, Magazine, Game, Cover CD and or more.
Also, any donations over $20 to the lounge, will also receive a free gift, including overseas people, just remember to include your address (I will cover the cost of shipping)- The bigger the donation, the more valuable the gift will be.(yes, it will be Amiga "stuff")
you can send the Paypal donation to amiga (at) Amigalounge .com if the buttons are not working for you (some people say they do and don't).
It's just my way of saying "thanks"

29th October 2013, 23:27
Got a small shipment of Amiga stuff yesterday, an unboxing video is up on you-tube."new" items listed in the store: EasyL drawing tablet, Amiga A2000, GVP DSS and more parts going up in the next few days.

1st November 2013, 00:02
Some spooky Halloween deals for the next 12 Hours :blink:- Even the Google Nexus 7 is on special for a crazy price.

1st November 2013, 22:14
for those that missed it, I have extended the sale through the weekend, nexus 7 has been reduced drastically

2nd November 2013, 18:03
I have really cut prices to mostly just shipping estimates on 90% of my merchandise for this sale in order to liquidate stock. Also, any Paypal donations or greatly Appreciated. Just 36 Hours left in this blow out sale.I am unemployed ATM so this helps me out a bit.

2nd November 2013, 20:08
N7 looks interesting.

5th November 2013, 03:13
Lol- the nexus is sold... you are too late:D... the sale is over, but still plenty of deals to be had. I have slowly started to take down the stuff that hasn't been looked at for over a year (according to the web logs) and will be dropping those right away.

9th November 2013, 00:40
Just put up some more cards and boards- even an indivision ECS FF.

9th November 2013, 20:35
I have updated some of the photos on the site and reduced a few prices for quick sales. All the expansion cards now have photos.Trying to get more photos up today.

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Indivision ESC has been price slashed for this weekend!

11th November 2013, 18:16
I will be putting up a bunch of new stock today, including a boxed A1000 and some software CD's including some Amiga CD32 CD's and some PPC CD's- this will be ongoing through the day.

11th November 2013, 18:34
Interested in Indivision ECS, PM sent

11th November 2013, 21:04
Sorry, the indivision was sold Saturday, it went fast.
Still plenty of other deals to be had.

12th November 2013, 00:12
website has been updated with both A1000 and some CD software -more coming later tonight!

12th November 2013, 19:51
Today's Specials: Atari STFM upgraded and Moded $49.95 Shipped to USA and Canada.Good until Sold or Midnight tonight MDT.:p
"Franken" A500 (made from parts) is reduced to $49.95 USD -shipped to USA and Canada Also.
EDIT: Atari is sold!

14th November 2013, 21:09
Today's Specials: Comspec SA2000 Scsi Card $29.95 Shipped to USA and Canada.A Max II + -Macintosh Emulator $49.95 includes shipping to Usa and Canada .Good until Sold or Midnight tonight MDT

14th November 2013, 21:57
Hi Quarkx,

Forgive me for maybe being a bit slow here, but when exactly is your store shutting down? Do you have a final closing date planned?

15th November 2013, 00:14
yes, the exact date is Dec 31 @ midnight MDT. in a perfect world, I would have everything sold by then, but it looks like I can't give away some of this stuff for the price of postage.

15th November 2013, 01:33
hey Glen, here is the 'finished product' on that Tandy 386 you sold me a month or 2 ago, gave it some upgrades.

upgraded (built-in) vga from 256k to 512k via a pair of 44256s (adds some 256 color modes as well as a 1024x768x16c mode)

pulled the 1.2M 5.25" FD and put in a DVDROM

added a ZIP100 Parallel drive (this is actually great for DOS games, i have only half filled the first disk so far (i have 17...)(got given 2 ZIP100p drives for free last year..guy didnt know if they worked or not...only 1ps tho)

added a 1571 drive via an XE/XM1541 parallel port adapter i bought last year, works great through StarCommander.

been great fun getting back to the old DOS days with this thing so far.

(particularily the first version of Civilization and Starflight, which are 2 of my favorite games of all time...just dont *feel* the same on DosBox)
(oh...and Wolf3D...)

now to track down a working ISA ethernet card...

thanks very much.

15th November 2013, 05:39
Cool, the ISA Nic was working, -that was about 6 years back, but I only used it in DOS. I had the "backpack" CD Rom drive on it and put it on a KVM switch with my Tandy MMPC (486/100- Overdrive)

15th November 2013, 06:46
alright, i downloaded the original install 'disk' from the net card manufacturer, did a complete uninstall and re-install of all drivers and protocols.....and seems to work fine now...probably reset everything back to default settings... (even though i'd uninstalled and reinstalled with the existing drivers on the system before)

(actually surprised they still had the DOS/WFW3.11 stuff available these days...)

pulls an IP off my router in any case...now to install an old version of Nutscrape or InternetdEstroyer....

15th November 2013, 18:50
Today's Specials:Video Toaster 4000 Card-$59.95 DPS Personal TBC IV -time base corrector-$49.95 -includes shipping to USA and Canada. Good until Sold or Midnight Tonight MDT.

18th November 2013, 03:29
Sunday night/Monday "Snowstorm" Special:
Buy any 2 Boxed games or software and receive 1 boxed game or software of your choice free- MUST state title of choice on the PAYPAL payment invoice (bottom in "message" box).
Remember prices include shipping to USA and Canada. This offer is good until Monday Nov 18 11:59 PM MDT.
This includes BOTH Atari and Amiga Software ONLY and you can mix and Match.

Yes, we had a big "Dump" of snow over the last day and it's still coming down.

19th November 2013, 16:56
I have updated the website yet again with a few new Items- Today's Specials: Commodore A2620 Accelerator card with 2 megs of Ram $99.95,GVP A4000 HC+8 scsi card- with a full 8 megs of Ram -$69.95- Prices include shipping to the USA and Canada. Offer good until 11:59 PM MDT Nov 19 or until sold.

20th November 2013, 20:13
Today's Specials: Commodore 2091 Scsi card w/1 meg ram -$39.95 and A1300 GenLock $49.95 both include shipping to USA and Canada. Offer good until 11:59 PM Nov.20 MDT- for those that care, I have also added CoCo hardware.

Also do to the extreme weather (-20C to -25C Temps and stupid snowfall), shipments will and are delayed until Sunday Nov.24- sorry, just too cold to walk outside.

21st November 2013, 17:15
Today's Specials: DPS (Digital Processing Systems): Personal Animation Recorder DR-2150-$29.95 DPS Personal TBC IV -time base corrector-$29.95 -includes shipping to USA and Canada. Good until Sold or Midnight Tonight MDT.