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2nd January 2014, 23:47

Hello, my cat ate up the cables on my predecessor koss headset.
traveled to the store and found this,
Wow this looks completely raw , I thought
It was not cheap either, so a certain sound quality it should have .
but there I was sadly mistaken

The sound
. it sounds cruel , as if a speaker is in a 200liters metal barrel .
there is too much bass, midrange is very prominent
sound is dry, it is little detailed,the sound is as clear as a clock radio with a large blanket on top
sound image is small
everyone understands that this is not high end headphones , but there should at least be ok
I see this kind of sets get 5 of 5 stars many places , this I can not understand.
it may be that people do not care about sound , or that they are not interested


this is good, it takes away a lot of room noise,
it has clear sound and works as a mic should.

insulation against noise and outside/room noise

this is appropriate, but not so well that you can not hear yourself talk,
this is good since it's not nice to others that you scream instead of talking when you can not hear yourself talk.


it is good, but the headphones are a bit heavy,
microfon have adjustability.

how they look

Incredibly , black piano, with crom metal , green cable
bit retro too.


It feels good, but it is early to say...

Sound 2/10
Microfon 8/10
Comfort 7/10
Looks 10/10
worthy for money 4/10

Recommended to others

Koss SB45 is much cheaper and much bette

3rd January 2014, 00:42