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14th March 2014, 05:46
Hello everyone ,
I'm NeoGeoThai,41,French but living and working in Thailand.
I love retro video games.
When I was young I had the Amiga 500 , Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 but I resold all to buy some stupid DAT tape recorder..I regret for sure!
I was in the 90' in an Amiga demomaker group DGSA/Brainwave as musician (my name was GYRO).
You can see some of our demos here:
Than I produced some electronic music on FL Studio under the name MarkGyro.
There are still some tracks on soundcloud , itunes , amazon.com .
I started collectiong video game consoles about 2 years ago.
My favourite systems are : Super Famicom , N64 , Saturn and PCE and Atari and...in fact I love all consoles !
I have some consoles here in Thailand and in France:
- Wii (blue) limited edition US **BOXED**
- PS2 slim black 90006 NTSC-J **BOXED**
- PS2 slim black 77006 NTSC-J **BOXED**
- PS2 slim ceramic white 77000 NTSC-J + modchip **BOXED**
- PS2 fat silver 39000 NTSC-J **BOXED**
- PS2 fat black 39000RC NTSC-J + HDD 160go **BOXED**
- PS2 fat white 39000 NTSC-J GT Edition **BOXED**
- PS1 7500 NTSC-J **BOXED**
- PS1 9002 PAL + modchip **BOXED**
- PSone 103 PAL + modchip **BOXED**
- Sega Saturn model 2 JPN + modchip **LOOSE**
- Sega Saturn model 1 PAL **LOOSE**
- Sega Saturn model 1 JPN HST-0001 double led "Campaign 100 edition" **BOXED**
- Sega Saturn model 2 JPN This is Cool **BOXED**
- Sega Saturn model 2 JPN Derby Stallion **BOXED**
- Sega Saturn model 2 JPN normal edition **BOXED**
- Sega Saturn model 1 JPN HST-0004 double led "Campaign 100 edition" **BOXED**
- Sega Dreamcast JPN **LOOSE**
- Sega Dreamcast US **LOOSE**
- 2x Sega Genesis model 1 + switch **LOOSE**
- 3x Sega Megadrive model 2 PAL **LOOSE**
- 2x Sega Megadrive model 2 ASIA PAL **BOXED**
- Sega Megadrive model 1 JPN **LOOSE**
- Sega Mega CD 2 JPN **BOXED**
- Sega Game Gear **LOOSE**
- SNK Neo Geo AES JPN + unibios **LOOSE**
- SNK Neo Geo CD JPN Top loading **LOOSE**
- SNK Neo Geo CD JPN Front loading **LOOSE**
- SNK Neo Geo MVS + supergun
- Nintendo Super Famicom **BOXED**
- Nintendo Super Famicom **LOOSE**
- Nintendo Super Nintendo PAL + 50/60hz mod **LOOSE**
- PCEngine Core Grafx II **LOOSE**
- Super CDRom2 NEC **BOXED**
- Famiclone **LOOSE**
- Gopher (Handheld Megadrive/Genesis with SD card) **BOXED**
- N64 JPN **LOOSE**
- N64 US Jungle Green + Ram Pack **LOOSE**
- N64 JPN Watermelon Red **LOOSE**
- N64 JPN Clear Blue **LOOSE**
- N64 JPN Purple **LOOSE**
- Xbox 1 PAL + spiderchip **LOOSE**
- Atari 2600 Woody 4 buttons **LOOSE**
- Atari 7800 **LOOSE**
After my main job , I hold a little game shop.
I buy broken PS1/PS2 from flea markets , some retro games and accessories. I clean , repair , put them into sets ready to play and I resell them.The PS2 is still very popular in Thailand.

8 months ago , I got "new" contacts for retro gaming : The official SEGA reseller in Thailand.
They still have brand new unsold Megadrive 2 and games in their warehouse.
After negociation with their commercials , I have now the cheapest price you can see on ebay or other websites.

I'm always looking for good deals on original and complete games , boxed or loose consoles , mostly for my private collection.

14th March 2014, 06:26
Hello and welcome.

14th March 2014, 14:54

14th March 2014, 15:01
Hello NeoGeoThai & Welcome here.
U have too many consoles :thumbsup:

14th March 2014, 23:23
U have too many consoles :thumbsup:
Nobody ever have too many computers or consoles!:p

15th March 2014, 09:54
Incredible collection you got here.
I used to live in Thailand too in the end of the 80s.
After Japan that was and still is the best place to find rare machines.
That is there I saw for the first time a copier for Neogeo
(Forgot the name MGD2 something)
Your collection is in France or there in Thailand ?
I wonder how people do to stock all their consoles,computers and games.
Need a big room for that....
It is like heavy to live with.
Personaly I own 5 boxed retro stuff and my family shout at me all the time for the room it is wasting but they do not understand.
So from time to time I open one and use it to play with.
What good is it to keep and not use it unless you plan to sell it from the start ?
I wish you a good welcome and
"Lawang nam touam lae sua deng..."
(Beware the flood and the red shirts)


15th March 2014, 12:24
Hi NeoGeoThai,
I see you live in the best part of Thailand :D Jealous :) Ill be in your neck of the woods for only a few days next month :)

Welcome here...take care

17th March 2014, 02:38
Your collection is in France or there in Thailand ?

My collection is in France and in Thailand. When I buy a new console , sometimes I get it from France , then I let it ship to my dad's home.
The copier you mentioned is the Multi-Game Doctor 2. It can be used for 7 consoles.

Thanks to you all guys !