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11th April 2014, 15:38
Welcome to the new and improved Amibay!

I've spend the last couple of days completely upgrading Amibay to the latest version of the vBulletin forum software which we use. This has taken us from a very dated and ageing vBulletin 3.8.7 to the latest vBulletin 4.2.2

This upgrade has a lot of instantly obvious changes and improvements, as well as many under the hood.

New forum design and layout
New member profiles
Member blogs - create your own retro blog - this could be about your collection, your favourite games, emulation, what you have been restoring etc.
New WYSIWYG post editor allowing inline image and video attachment and much more.
Right-hand quick info panel showing latest posts, new sales and a search cloud.
Activity stream, showing latest activity by all members.
Built in CMS which we have plans to utilise fully into the future.

And much more..

Asking questions or reporting a bug

As with anything new a lot has changed. If you are confused about something or can't find a feature then please post in the following feedback forum and I will be happy to help.


Finally, as with any major changes, I can't guarantee everything is perfect. If you spot what you think might be a bug then please post in the following feedback forum so I can investigate. It might just be something I missed.


I hope you like and enjoy the new and improved Amibay! Have fun!

11th April 2014, 15:53
I would like to extend my sincere thanks from everyone for all the work you have done updating the site,

A big CHEERS to Harrison!

11th April 2014, 16:06
A very big plus to that thank you harrison

11th April 2014, 16:24
Thanks for all your hard work!


11th April 2014, 16:32
It looks great, well done!

11th April 2014, 17:40
Thanks for taking the time Harrison..:thumbsup:

11th April 2014, 17:51
Lots of stuff to learn :)
Thanks also Harrison mate for your hard work \o/

Amibay ftw :grouphug:

11th April 2014, 17:52
Welcome To The Dawning Of A New Empire.

11th April 2014, 18:32
Welcome To The Dawning Of A New Empire.
*Silicon* ;)

Thanks so much for this, Dave!! This is epic and must have taken so much of your time!!

11th April 2014, 19:38
Excellent work Dave, it looks great and I am liking some of the features!

12th April 2014, 19:43
Well done with the site Dave - it's looking great. Looking forward to trying the new features.