View Full Version : For Sale Sega Saturn JP model 2 + modchip + AR

13th April 2014, 05:10
Japanse Sega Saturn model 2 in good condition (battery cover is missing)
EMSIC Modchip
1 pad
New power cable
New composite and S-video cable
Action Replay Plus cartridge

This Saturn can play all games from all regions (originals or CDR)

This item is also posted on other forums.

Price : 120 euros with shipping in SAL and tracking number



13th April 2014, 07:28
As per Amibay rules you have to state a price before anyone can express interest.

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13th April 2014, 07:41
As per Amibay rules....there is a price ! (just above the 1st picture)

13th April 2014, 09:54
For some reason the price is invisible in Tapatalk, even though it shows up in a quote: 120 with SAL shipping.

13th April 2014, 15:49
I stand corrected, my bad.

Stupid Tapatalk, making me correct people, when it is not necessary:-/

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15th April 2014, 23:21
Expressing interest if that price includes shipping to Australia. I couldn't see the price in Tapatalk either!

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22nd April 2014, 09:13
Yes price includes shipping to Australia.
I PM you right now.

23rd April 2014, 01:49
PM sent with a couple more questions

23rd April 2014, 06:49
Payment sent!

23rd April 2014, 07:16
Payment received ! Thanks !
Items will be shipped out tomorrow and I'll send you the tracking number.


11th May 2014, 02:52
Item received, all good. Thanks!

Feedback left.

Hmm, actually I didn't leave feedback. Realised that it hadn't submitted and it is saying the deal url is invalid, I just pasted it from in here. I've tried several times.

Is it because you are a commercial seller?

12th May 2014, 06:07
No idea , but you're not the only one who can't leave a feedback.

12th May 2014, 06:08
Yeah I noticed you don't have any :) can you leave me feedback?