View Full Version : An Apology and a Promise.....

8th May 2010, 10:04
Dear AmiBayers,

On behalf of the whole AmiBay team, I would like to offer an unreserved apology for the events of the last two days or so. Events happened that in the light of hindsight shouldn't have and differences within the team should have been resolved a lot sooner before they boiled over.

So, the milk has been spilt; what now?

You have my promise and total commitment in working with all of you to recover from this and to put structures, checks and balances in place that will prevent such an event from ever happening again.

I have committed so much to this project and I will not watch it fail.

The work that we have started in getting members involved in reshaping the site is essential, as the site is intended to ultimately to serve each any every one of you.

I have no plans to go anywhere and other Admins have committed similarly to the recovery of the site and the long-term creation of something even more awesome than AmiBay was before this all happened.

All I ask of the members is that we draw a close to this whole event and start to roll our sleeves up and start work.

I will review the threads on the various topics later today and start to try and extract the good ideas that have already been put forward from the many posts. We can then start to put teams together next week and create plans as to how we tackle each topic.

It's your site, when all said and done. Please get involved in helping us shape what you want it to be.