View Full Version : Amiga + Atari ST Dual Mode USB Mouse Adapter

14th July 2014, 14:20
Hi just working on a new dual mouse adapter for both Atari ST and Amiga use, fitted with a small slide switch to change between modes.


Is it worth me selling these, only one unit available at the moment, as a test of the market on ebay.

They do cost more as they have a custom pcb and are potted with epoxy for durability.

Price would be 14.99 inc Free UK Postage

4th May 2015, 23:40
Hey GuruMed,

I'd be definitely interested but the video in your site doesn't explain the little details, like:

- How much latency does it pose the adapter? I'm using a Mroocheck (aka Punchinello Mk2) at the moment and it takes some time to get used to the delay. A more responsive device would be a win.
- Does it support mouse wheels? How many buttons exactly?
- How about accuracy? Again, the Punchinello + ancient serial mouse combo is erratic at best most of the time...