View Full Version : Announcement: All email functionality currently suspended from Amibay.

11th May 2010, 16:04
Effective immediately, all email communication from Amibay is suspended.

Due to a security issue, we are currently reviewing all email addresses stored in the site database. This has left no option but to disable email communication from the site whilst this investigation takes place.

Updating your email addresses

As part of this investigation, some members email addresses will be deleted as a precaution.

If you find this has happened to your account, you will be presented with a message when you next log in to the site asking you to update the email address in your profile. Once we notify you that the email system is activated agian, if you have received this notice, please edit your account profile and enter a new email address before continuing to do anything further.

What does this effect

This means that for the moment:

New registrations cannot be made to join the site, as email verification cannot be sent.
Thread subscription emails cannot be sent to notify members of thread updates.
Email alerts for new PMs cannot be sent.
Changes to email accounts in member profiles cannot be made as the site will not be able to verify their authenticity.
Anything else that utilises the email system will not currently work.

We apologies for this inconvenience and promise to get all email functionality back up and working as soon as possible.

12th May 2010, 11:09
It appears that a lot of bogus e-mail addresses attached to member accounts are creating error message traffic that 1&1 are interpreting as spamming.

Harrison is filtering out the accounts with bogus e-mail addresses and the members concerned will need to update their account with a valid e-mail address.

@ All Members - Important

Please be aware that if your account does not have a valid e-mail address linked to it, you are in breach of our site Terms and Conditions and you risk having your account deactivated.

Please check that your e-mail address for your member account is valid and current and update it as necessary.


13th May 2010, 10:27
The investigations have now concluded and all temporarily disabled site features have been reactivated.

Some members may now have an alert/message/PM informing you that you need to update your profiles and email addresses. Please do this ASAP.

It is important that you maintain your membership profile and ensure that the email address you have stored there is valid and working.

In future, any member with a bogus/false email address stored in their profiles will be viewed as being in breach of the site rules, and a review of that member's account will be launched.