View Full Version : Closed 5" DS/DD floppy disks

14th September 2014, 20:52
anyone got any blank or usable 5" floppy disks they're willing to sell?
looking for DS/DD if possible. UK preferred also. thanks

25th September 2014, 00:22
Yed, me ole muckah.
I'll have a skeg around and see what can be unearthed in me Oric collection of collectables.
Keep it magnetic, you mandarin.

25th September 2014, 07:38
amigakit sells those I believe

6th October 2014, 10:29
Hi brenski,
are you still looking for these? I have around 250 5.25 disks. They are all used and have been notched for double-sided use on a C64. I tested them all recently. If you want some, send me a PM.