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11th October 2014, 19:54
Hi there,
I just bought an atari 130XE and I'm looking for some games (carts. or cassettes)

12th October 2014, 08:34
Hi Bigal,

Although I do not have any carts or cassettes, I do have a pimped out 800xl, and if I may give you some advice.

The Atari 8 Bit Machines are great but the tape loading on these are terrible. I mean an average game takes 20-30 minutes to load.

Also there is not much 130xe software created back in the day, but there is a good selection of Homebrew 128k games and demos which have been released. Check out the Space Harrier port :-)

I would suggest getting a SD Card adaptor which are quite cheap on the 8 bit line.

Lotherek in Poland are great, and the quality of the products are really good :-)

The link is below


I know I have slightly gone off topic, but just trying to get you started on your Atari 8 Bit Journey :-)

12th October 2014, 08:57
Thanks, that was really helpful.

12th October 2014, 09:00
No Problem :-)

12th October 2014, 10:46
+1 to above

I have the Side2 cart,, best thing since sliced bread.