View Full Version : SD2IEC - The Future was 8bit in an SD for the C64! ( Hardware Review )

11th November 2014, 11:17

You may remember we did our very first C64 review for the UCassette and then moved onto a lovely SD device, the SD2IEC. Well today thanks to The Future was 8bit we are now going to feature a rather special SD2IEC device which enables you to play games on an SD. Also included is an Epyx Fastload Reloaded cart which improves loading time by many factors that will not only impress but may get C64 users rushing to the buy now button. Thanks to The Future was 8bit who has kindly sent us these great products for review, we will be able to delve into the usage of hundreds of classic C64 games without the fuss of the cassette issues all on an SD device at much faster speeds.